Seminar, How to deal with Scientists Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Bracknell (England)

First western seminar: “How to handle scientists. Our powers”. Easthampstead Park, London (UK), 14 October 1979.
The thing that you are doing…you do not know. It will be something like the lights which are burning in the dense forest to guide thousands of lights. They are not aware of it. It’s a tremendous task and when you have such a big load on your mind how can you sleep? You are carrying their loads also. We’ll be sleeping very well but first we must know we have a very big load. […]

Seminar Day 2, Zen Void Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Bracknell (England)

First western seminar: “Void, Zen”. Easthampstead Park, Bracknell (UK), 15 October 1978.
[…] So, what’s the use of reading it? “Only praise the Mother!”, that’s what He [Adi Shankaracharya] said. People asked Him, “Why have You praised the Mother only? Why don’t you write something else?” He said, “That’s the only way you can get it [the Realization]. What’s the use of giving all avidya, non-knowledge? I am giving the real knowledge: you praise the Mother and just do it.” […]

Seminar Day 1, Bija Mantras, Shri Lalita, Shri Chakra Easthampstead Park Conference Centre, Wokingham (England)

First Western seminar: Bija Mantras, Shri Lalita and Shri Chakra. East Hampstead Park, Peacock Lane, Wokingham, Bracknell RG40 3DF, (UK) 14 October 1978.

When the Kundalini rises it makes sounds. And the sounds that are heard in the different chakras can be pronounced in the following way – these pronunciations are being used in the phonetic language of Devanagari, which means ‘the language spoken by the Devas’.

At the Mooladhara, where there are four petals, the sounds are: [vum, […]