Guru Puja: Detachment, Silence, Faith Avignon (France)

Guru puja. Avignon (France), 8 July 1990.

In Sahaja Yoga the Guru puja has a very different significance from any other guru puja. When you worship your Guru you are also worshiping the Guru within you. This is not in any other guru-disciple system because, in you, the Guru, the Master has been awakened. And so, when you are worshipping your Guru, then this Master within you is also worshipped, you respect it, you glorify it, […]

Evening Program, eve of Guru Puja Camping Parc des Libertés, Avignon (France)

Musical program, camping “parc des Libertés”, on the island of Barthelasse, Avignon, France, 07-07-1990

Mataji: Give her a chair.

her a chair otherwise she won’t be able to play harmonium.


you keep it up there? Ah. On that.


can move that.

on. Have a sit there.

Yogi: We would like to present you with a “Bharood”
[Marathi religious
song] by Sant Eknath. It’s a song that, in a style that is designed
to teach people what will happen to them if they don’t behave in a, […]