A simple proposition Lille (France)

Public Program. Lille (France), 2 May 1982.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I’ve been here before, also, to Lille, and it has been a place of special attraction for Me somehow. The peace in this place is very attractive, and the people, I’m sure, are many, who are seekers in this place. But these are the days when all kinds of confusions have to be there, and this is the time when your wisdom is going to be judged, […]

Within us lies the Spirit in our Heart which is collectively conscious Lille (France)

Public Program, Lille, France, 12/09/1981

I’m sorry I do not know how to speak French. But I have got my children all over the world and I do not know how many languages I have to learn to talk to them in their own language. But love knows no language, there is no mental activity in the working of the Divine. Like a flower becomes a fruit or a butterfly comes out of the cocoon, a bird comes out of an egg, […]