Public Program Day 2 Aston La Scala Nice, Nice (France)

Public Program Day 2
Yesterday I told you about the residual power within us which resides through the sacrum bone. This power is called as Kundalini. This is the power that ascends through these centers and gives us our realization, our rebirth.
I’ve also told you that in so many people you can see the pulsation of this Kundalini clearly with your naked eyes. You can also see its rising through these different centers up to this point. […]

Public Program Day 1 Aston La Scala Nice, Nice (France)

Public Program. Nice (France), 21 September 1980.
I’m very sorry I do not know French language but Marie will be able to translate.
Today we have assembled here to know about our evolution. We have to know what we have to become after the human stage. Human life is not the end of evolution. We have not yet found out our meaning. The scientists have to ask a question: why we have made human being from amoeba stage. […]