Four types of Yoga Salle Hardouineau, Orléans (France)

Public Program Day 2

So any questions please?Question: She would like to know exactly what the Sahaja Yoga means because she said I was explaining. She thinks it would apply to any Yoga.Shri Mataji: There are four types of Yoga described so far, by Shri Krishna, because he was a diplomat and He was very aware that people are stupid. He tried to befool them. Because they won’t accept anything straightforward. So the first one He said that is Gyana Yoga, […]

You cannot pay for God’s love Centre Charles Péguy, Orléans (France)

Public Program

I am sorry I cannot speak French and I have to use the English language. I hope to learn French sometime in life. Gregoire has already introduced you to Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja means Saha is with and Ja means born and Yoga means union. Union with the divine. It is the union with all-pervading power of God Almighty, It is a spontaneous happening. That is the meaning of Sahaja. that means you cannot work it out. […]