Departure (to Belgium) Talk Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France (France)

Departure Talk, Charles de Gaulle airport, Roissy-en-France (France)Monday, July 1st, 1985 [All the attempts that have been done to create a trade by Sahaja Yogis for Sahaja Yoga have failed, but the ones that exist before]…Established shop is alright, like she has, but otherwise. So everybody must take up a job and should go on working on his job, not to change, it’s ego, absolutely ego that: “I’ve given up my job.” It’s ego, 100% it’s ego. You see as if, you see, as if it’s side dish; it’s the main issue for us to maintain yourself. Of course, Sahaja Yogi is there. And we had one case like this long time back of Douglas. Douglas he used to every time come and boast: “I’m successfully unemployed.” And I could not understand because he had no money, nothing, he was just trying to boast. And with all that, he was on and on and on. Then one day, I told him that: “You are not to see My face if you give up this job.” And when I’ve said that, you see, you’ll be surprised today he has got his own car, his own home, he’s got his work, he’s doing very well, both of them. So now, you should understand that you should not give up your job. Now those who are making something, like they are making some herb thing – who’s making the one you ?Now, for you also, you see, it should be a side dish, Read More …

Arrival Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France, Paris (France)

Arrival, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France (France), April 22nd, 1985 [Shri Mataji says hello from far. Starts at 4:10] Shri Mataji: How are you? All right? We have two American ladies, all right? And there’s a little gift from America. And Paul, you know him very well. Guido! How can I meet these people around? Sahaja Yogi: There’s a space over there. [Conversation with the French coordinator Alexandre] Shri Mataji: [Inaudible]. It’s better. Because otherwise they’ll start thinking, you see, that it’s another Guru. [Inaudible]. And your wife? Sahaja Yogi: Inaudible. [Alexandre introduces the French SY to Shri Mataji] [Cut at 17;12; comes back to 17:02] [Cut at 17:31] Shri Mataji: All right, I want to see you all. Alexandre: So, you come with us and the luggage will go there with Denis. Shri Mataji: Let’s call [inaudible] I ‘ll ask her. You must take them also.

Departure Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France (France)

Departure, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France (France) May 8th, 1984 Shri Mataji: So, is there any other problem with people? [Inaudible] Shri Mataji: Are you all right? Sahaja Yogi: Yes, Mother. Alexandre: He says has still a pain in the sternum. Maire: A little bit. Shri Mataji: Hold your breath. And ask in your heart and hold your breath, ask in your heart: “Are you the Mother of the world?” Thrice. Then expire. Thrice. It is coming. [Laughter] [Inaudible] So much vibrations, just feel the vibrations. [Laughter] So, I talk and vibrate. Here I talk and I get the vibrations. [Shri Mataji put the mic above her left ear, on her head.] So, vibrations will be better. [Laughter] Sahaja Yogi: It’s a new model, Shri Mataji: Yes. Sahaja Yogi: It’s a modern one. Shri Mataji: Modern. [Laughter] Sahaja Yogi: I tried to have two microphones. Shri Mataji: How you are now, better? How is he? Are you married, mister? Alexandre: This one? He is still a student. Sahaja Yogi: Not this one, Didier. Alexandre: Didier? No, he is not married. Didier: No, I don’t want to. Alexandre: He is working in France. [Inaudible]. He is a plumber. All the commodities that you have in the ashram it’s by his work. Shri Mataji: London is looking for plumbers. With the Golden builders there is only one plumber. You can earn a lot of money there also. [Inaudible]. Shri Mataji: How many people are unemployed? Sahaja Yogi: Now, two million are. Shri Read More …

Arrival, Eve of MahaSahasrara Puja Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France (France)

Arrival, Eve of MahaSahasrara Puja, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France (France) Shri Mataji: Inaudible. Sahaja Yogi: Yes Mother. Shri Mataji: You had [Inaudible]. Sahaja Yogi: Yes Mother, I’ve been married to Cécile. Shri Mataji: About marriage. You took upon the wedding cost? [Unsure.] Sahaja Yogi: Hum? Shri Mataji: Did you? Sahaja Yogi: Yes Mother. Shri Mataji: And the lady? Sahaja Yogi: I was married to Cécile. Shri Mataji: Ah! [Cut] Shri Mataji: Did they find good vibrations there? Sahaja Yogi: They are all Austrians, Mother. Shri Mataji: How are you? I’m sorry. I can’t help it. But coming here from India. [Cut] Sahaja Yogi: I’m fine, thank you. Shri Mataji: What about your brother is he coming? Sahaja Yogi: [Inaudible] before I arrived. I couldn’t… [Shri Mataji is laughing] Sahaja Yogi: Next time. [Cut] Shri Mataji: All right? Go to meet you there. [Unsure]