Day after Mahasahastrar Puja, How to protect ourselves Château de Mesnières, Rouen (France)

Conversation the day after the MahaSahastrara Puja. Rouen (France), 6 May 1984.

Gregoire: How can we better protect ourselves if we work in an environment which is against Sahaj?

Shri Mataji: That’s the place you have to work it. So it’s difficult. But whatever things you can grasp and think this is Mother’s quality, try to imbibe that within yourself. That doesn’t mean you start shouting at bhoots first.

So first, what is the first quality of Mother? […]

Mahasahastrara Puja, The Start of a New Era Château de Mesnières, Rouen (France)

Mahasahastrara Puja. Château Mesnières, Rouen (France), 5 May 1984.

It is so wonderful for your Mother to see so many beautiful sahaja yogis assembled together, on this day of Sahastrar.

I think the first era of Sahaja Yoga has ended now, and new has started. In the first era of Sahaja Yoga, the starting point was, first, the opening of the Sahastrara, and gradually moving towards the completion, I find there are so many who are great sahaja yogis today. […]