Shri Hamsa Swamini puja and two talks Grafenaschau (Germany)

Shri Hamsa Swamini Puja, Grafenaschau (Germany), 10 July 1988.
Today we have decided to have a Hamsa Puja in Germany. We have never yet paid much attention to this center of Hamsa, which is, I think, very important for the Western world, rather than for the Indian or the Eastern. The reason is, at the Hamsa chakra, part of the Ida and Pingala come out and manifest – means the expression of Ida and Pingala is given through the Hamsa chakra. […]

Evening Program, Eve Of Shri Hamsa Swamini Puja Grafenaschau (Germany)

Evening Program, Eve Of Shri Hamsa Swamini Puja
After this grand manifestation of beautiful notes into such a beautiful woven melody, with all the permutations and combinations that are possible. It’s hard to say anything any more about it. I didn’t know that such a great artist was there, I never heard him before. It’s My luck today that I’ve been able to hear him and such a great artist on table. It’s thanks to you that I could hear all this, […]