What happens if our human awareness moves to the left or to the right? Munich, Deutsches Museum (Germany)

Public Porgram, day 2, Munich, Germany, 12-07-1986

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

Yesterday, I told you that Truth is to be discovered on your Central Nervous system through the evolutionary process not through some imaginary mental projections and to believe into something because somebody is telling you in a very convincing manner. Even, you have not to believe Me, what I tell you. As I said yesterday, you have to treat it like a hypothesis and with an open mind of a scientist to discover the Truth yourself. […]

Yoga – a living process Munich, Deutsches Museum (Germany)

1986-07-11 Yoga – a living process, Munich, Germany

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The truth is what you know on your central nervous system. I see you all here, I see your faces and I know you are here. That’s the truth. I see the red colour with My own eyes, I see the another colour there [Shri Mataji points at an object in the hall] with My own eyes and I know on My central nervous system what is the truth. […]

Habit comes to you from matter Munich, Deutsches Museum (Germany)

Second Public Program, Munich (Germany), 9 May 1985.

I’m sorry for being late today because I’ve just seen some other people.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Now the truth is that we are the Spirit. The Spirit resides in the heart and is the witness of what we do. It does not interfere with our everyday activity, and it is like a flicker of light, but it does not shine in the attention. […]

This is the Knowledge of the Roots Munich, Deutsches Museum (Germany)

First Public Program. Deutsches Museum, Munich (Germany), 8 May 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

But the seekers of truth have to know the truth, at least they should know what they have to seek. It is to be understood that the seeking has to be in the tradition of the seeking. Like when electricity was discovered, it took years together for people to find it out, and a scientist had to go from one to another – […]