Ascend to super human level Athens, Hotel Grande Bretagne (Greece)

Public Programme Day 2 Athens, Greece, May 25, 1989

Shri Mataji: All right. Yesterday they spoke to you about the different centres we have within ourselves. These subtle centres were discovered thousands of years back by great saints. And Socrates also has talked about the gods which reside within us. And the knowledge about it was existent long time back. But there were two types of seeking going on alongside – two types of seeking. One was the devotion on the left hand side, […]

What is the truth beyond this mundane life? Athens, Hotel Grande Bretagne (Greece)

Public Program Day 1, Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens (Greece)

500 years before Christ, the great master Socrates [UNCLEAR in your country] told the whole world that we have to know ourselves. And he was wisdom personified. But he was killed. He didn’t do any harm. He just told everyone for their benevolence. He didn’t live for himself. And he lived for others. He did not take any money from anyone for his knowledge nor did he punish anyone but he was punished. […]