Diwali Puja: Remove all the darkness of Kali Yuga Delphi, Camping Apollon (Greece)

Diwali puja. Delphi (Greece), 7 November 1999.

It is very, very fortunate and auspicious that we are celebrating the Diwali in Greece, specially in Delphi. It has a very ancient history, and as you know Athena resided here.
She was the Primordial Mother. “Atha” in Sanskrit means “primordial.” So this place has been described, has been described even in the Puranas as “Manipur [navel] dvipa [island].” Manipur is the Nabhi. Also in Sanskrit Manipur means the Nabhi Chakra. […]

Evening Program and Talk Delphi, Camping Apollon (Greece)

Talk during Evening Program Day, Delphi, Greece 2, 06/11/1999

[Talk starts at 1:30:43 on video]

So first of all, I wish you all a very happy Diwali and a prosperous whole year, after this New year day.
The whole program, I must say, was overwhelmingly joyous and happy and such beautiful words have been said about enlightenment. You don’t know how happy I feel to see you all develop your enlightenment into such a joyful establishment of a, […]

Evening Program and Talk Delphi, Camping Apollon (Greece)

Evening Program Day 1, Delphi, Camping Apollon, 05/11/1999

Gregoire: Shri Mataji, about fifteen years ago, some of us wanted to seek the blessing of having a puja in Delphi and I remember we had prepared the program but it was not then to be. It was to be now. This is the last puja in the occident, in the west, and it is the last puja in the west in this second millennium Shri Mataji, and it feels like long time back you opened a page in Delphi and now you are closing a page, […]