Bhoomi Puja/Trigunatmika Puja: Holland is the Holy Land Huis Overvoorde, Rijswijk (Holland)

Bhoomi Puja (known as Trigunatmika Puja), Overvoorde: Holland is the Holy Land. Overvoorde (Netherlands) 5 July 1985

Are, you can open the window a little bit, I think. It will be better. One window will do. They are all closed. One window you can. They are opened as much as they will, Shri Mataji. Really? That’s all that can be opened? They have all arrived, so we’ll wait for two minutes for them. Tell them to come from the other side. […]

The Guru Supermarket Huis Overvoorde, Rijswijk (Holland)

Public Program day 2, Garden of Overvoorde mansion house, Overvoorde (Holland), 4 July 1985.

Sri Mataji: Hello, please be seated. (To yogi giving introduction) Have you finished?
Yogi: Shall I continue a little bit?
Sri Mataji: You finish it, yes.
(Yogi finishes the introduction in Dutch)

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday in My lecture and afterwards, the impression I got about Holland, I must tell you very frankly. And you shouldn’t mind, […]