Music and Conversation on Sahaja Yoga School Project Jaipur (India)

Music and Conversation on Sahaja Yoga School Project NOT CLEAR SY: He is chairman of Housing Board Land allotment he has done. He is sardarji. Shri Mataji:They eat money (take bribe) every where. SY: In this case, they didn’t take bribe. Shri Mataji, Government gave the rebate. In this case they gave the rebate. They did not take the money. NOT CLEAR

Lively Moments Pune (India)

Few lively moments with Shri Mataji at Pratishthan Today (25th Nov, Wednesday) for the first time since Her holy arrival of Shri Mataji in Pune, the inmates of Pratishthan along with the family members of Shri Mataji witnessed and shared a few very lively and memorable moments with Shri Mataji. One was blessed to witness very rare, joyous and intimate moments with the youngest family member Tarini (grand daughter of Kalpana didi and great grand daughter of Shri Mataji) and Shri Mataji. Overflowing expressions of love and compassion from Mother could tangibly be felt. A few tender moments could also be seen as Tarini stretched herself before Shri Mataji in perfect posture, lying down on the floor to pay respect to the Devi Mother- her very favorite great grandmother. Shri Mataji could be seen very happy and cheerful as She hugged and kissed Tarini time and again. Fountains of joy flowed across Pratishthan. We thank You Shri Mataji for blessing us with these rare and memorable moments in Your holy presence. Mataji..…Mataji……Your face shines like a thousand Suns…… You have given us more than we could ask for…… Bliss and Peace and Harmony….. Jai Shri Mataji

Guru Nanaka Jayanti Noida (India)

Guru Nanaka Jayanti, Noida residence, India, 13/11/2008 They didn’t talk of Kundalini, that is the only trouble. And they all, that time they were all fighting. Because of that fighting nature nobody had the patience to tell them: “Baba! You don’t fight now, it’s a bouddism [unsure].” Because when there is fight going on, you can’t talk to them!But with Sahaj Yoga [cut in the video]And there was no fighting.Sahaj Yoga is given you a complete freedom but as Sahaja is a complete-Shri Mataji [to a girl]: Darling?Girl: Surein? Surein is not coming.Shri Mataji: Come here [inaudible. Hindi]Baba [Hindi] Ha.Girl: Surein?Shri Mataji: [Speaks in Hindi] Shri Mataji: There have been very great gurus.Girl: Yes.Shri Mataji: Very great.But that time, everybody was quarelling. Nobody was listening and they were all fighting. [Hindi]So they never talked about basic, is the Kundalini. This is the trouble. And then, above all this, they were not friendly with each other. This is the problem, that’s why they faught. And now, they didn’t talk of Kundalini and Self-realization. They were all very eminent, but because of this gap, the problem became wider and wider. None of them talked of Kundalini, can you imagine? They said it is- some mentionned about it in Sanscrit language, but have not seen everything. So they all knew the same thing but they didn’t say. So, so many got separated. And there was a big rift within each other. Because the truth was, there is a Kundalini. And this was not Read More …