Bordi Seminar Final Talk, Maya Is Important Bordi (India)

Bordi Seminar Final Talk, Bordi (India), 9 February 1985.
On this occasion when you are all leaving me, is rather hard to listen to these qualities described in your beautiful song. My words are so loaded with a feeling of extreme sadness, plus the exuberance of new ventures, some ideas that I have to do much more to establish whatever you are describing me.
So many rakshasa are to be killed as you have described Me. […]

Bhajans on the Evening of the Weddings Bordi (India)


Mataji (in Marathi): Come here, you please come. Please sit. Take
this. [Inaudible].

Yogini recites Shri Durga Chalisa in the name of Shri Nirmala Mata].

Namo Nirmal Sukh Karani, Namo Namo Nirmal Dukh Harani (I bow to you O
Goddess Nirmala, the bestower of all happiness! I bow to you O
Goddess Nirmala! Who ends all miseries.)

Hai Jyoti Tumhari, Tihun Lok Phaili Ujayari (Your radiance is
unparalleled and you shed light on the three worlds.)

Lalat Mukh Maha Vishala, […]

Devi Puja: The Culture of Universal Religion Bordi (India)

“The Culture of Universal Religion”. Bordi (India), 7 February 1985.

Today is the second day of our new journey into the battlefield. We have to win people with love, compassion, affection and dignity.When we say it’s a Vishwa Dharma, it’s a Universal Religion we belong to, first and foremost thing, the essence of that, is peace. The peace has to be within, to begin with. You have to be peaceful within yourself. If you are not peaceful, […]

Pre marriage talk Bordi (India)

Pre marriage talk

Gavin: All the beautiful sarees and kurtas, they are all nicely piled up and looking very beautiful. Shri Mataji: Alright good idea. Gavin: They have just started. Shri Mataji: You better do it. Gavin: No they will first here you mother. Shri Mataji: no I am not going to speak today. Ok, a little bit for five-ten minutes. Gavin: Shri Mataji will talk to us for five-ten minutes. Shri Mataji: It is really wonderful the way they have done it, […]

A New Era – Sacrifice, Freedom, Ascent Bordi (India)

A New Era – Sacrifice, Freedom, Ascent. Bordi (India), 6 February 1985.

I am immensely joyous to see you all here. I do not know what to say from my side. The words get lost, they have no meaning.

So many of you are aspiring to ascend to that state where you would have complete joy, bliss and peace. This is what I could give you. And a mother is only happy when she can give whatever she has to her children. […]

Talk To The French Sahaja Yogis Bordi (India)

Talk To The French Sahaja Yogis, Bordi, 1984

End of seminar after weddings; each group of countries was taken apart

Shri Mataji: Only for the French. Only for the French, only the French. Now, I’ve told about the French you see. The problem with the French is that they are very individualistic. Can you translate?Sahaja Yogi: Yes.Shri Mataji: And they can’t bear leadership. In your country, you know how many times you changed your President. That your President, […]

Talk to the English Sahaja Yogis, Day prior to Marriages Bordi (India)

Talk to the English Sahaja Yogis, Day prior to Weddings, Bordi (India), Tuesday, February 14th, 1984

Shri Mataji: [Hindi]Did he get the set? Please have a look. This is for the commissary.Sahaja Yogini: Yes.Shri Mataji: if there is a mistake, that they will know.[Packing things]Yes, that’s a good quality.Sahaja Yogi: We‘ve got a message, it’s closing time on Friday.Sahaja Yogini: On Thursday, in fact… [Chat between Yoginis]Shri Mataji: That’s it, that’s it. Oh, beautiful! Very beautiful, […]

Marriages Bordi (India)

Marriages, Bordi, India 14-02-1984

It is that you apply a mixture of turmeric and oil and all that to the body to the boy first and then is applied to the girl.

They feel better on the body and on the face, they feel soothed down. Its a kind of a jubilant thing, now they are in for marriage, now painted for marriage you can say. They are not supposed to talk to anyone They have to keep to themselves and to be very very quietly settled down. […]

Devi Puja: What is expected of Sahaja Yogis and Where are we, Advice to Brides Bordi (India)

“What is expected of Sahaja Yogis and where are we?”. Bordi (India), 13 February 1984.

[A Sahaja Yogi reads the mantra “Pasayadan” written by saint Gyaneshwara and Shri Mataji translates it.It is the last hymn (Ovi) of the “Gyaneshwari” (or Dnyaneshwari), which is an interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita written in Marathi by Saint Gyaneshwara (or Dnyaneshwara).]

[Video and audio start here]

Sahaja Yogi: “Ata vishwatmake deve yene vagnyajne toshave”.Shri Mataji: Now it says that all of you, […]

Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis Bordi (India)

Talk to Austrian Sahaja Yogis, Bordi (India), 13 [or 14?] February 1984.

Now Austria is very strategically placed in Sahaja Yoga, it’s a bridge. It’s a bridge between the left and the right. Austria is a bridge between the left and the right or we can say that now all the Western Europe is becoming “leftish” because of the influence of alcohol and frustration from aggression and they’ve done their level best, now they are fed up with themselves. […]

Problems of Sahaja Yoga Bordi (India)

January 24th, 1981, Problems Of Sahaja Yoga – Bordi (India)

Sahaja yogi_1 (Mr. Chavan): of a certain other individual or the individual who has been caught, what to do? So, he is advised in the matter like this, first you put your attention in your own Sahasrara, this is the first thing you have to do. Then while chanting the mantra, put the attention on the chakra of the person to whom you are giving treatment. […]

Powers Bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis Bordi (India)

Powers Bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis, Bordi (India), January 27th, 1980

I had told you yesterday, that we have to know about the powers that we have, and the powers that we can get. First of all we should know what powers we have got, and also we should know how we are going to preserve those powers and what more powers we can very – very easily achieve.

The first power that you get after Realisation is the greatest power on Earth. […]

Transformation, Morning Advice at Bordi seminar Bordi (India)

Transformation, Morning Advice at Bordi seminar, Bordi Shibir (India), January 27th, 1980

Everybody was feeling very nice when they came here, happy, and they felt their vibrations were all right, but it was not so. You should be on the alert. Ask each other to check you. Be humble about it. You must go on checking. Unless and until you check yourself, how will you know what’s the thing you are catching?

Ask others to check you and be humble, […]

Public Program: Chitta KI Gaharai Bordi (India)

Public Program Bordi

You all have come in Sahajayog. Some are there for a long time, some are new. Slowly the number of sahajayogis is going to increase. There is no doubt. The truth always establishes itself slowly. Truth takes time to get established (within ourselves). Some people came in Sahajayog and took 8 to 9 months to get their realization.  To achieve the truth, we should have depth inside us and the most important thing is we have to be pure inside. […]

Advice at Bordi Shibir (English part) Bordi (India)

Advice at Bordi Shibir (English part). Bordi, Maharashtra, India. 22 March 1979.

You develop a hypertension, you become very agitated, you start dancing and doing all kinds of things.  These things can happen – that you may start dancing, jumping, shouting, doing all kinds of things, getting into licentiousness, permissiveness. Because that’s how you are let loose. The control on your being of the wisdom is lost, and then you just get into it. And you don’t feel the pinch of your conscience. […]

Seminar Day 2, Attention and Joy Bordi (India)

Attention and joy, (2nd Day of 3 day shibir), Bordi (India), 27 January 1977.

…wobbling too much and how to fix the attention. Now the quality of attention changes according to the state of your evolution. For example, in an animal…

So where is the attention placed in the human being? It is not a fixed point. You can say, attention is the surface or the edge of awareness. Wherever we are made aware, the attention gets diverted to that point. […]

Seminar Day 1, Questions and Answers, Advice to Realised Souls Bordi (India)

Advice to Realised Souls, Bordi (India), 26 January 1977.

I’ll try to cover most of the points that you have asked but I must say that I was very happy to hear most of the questions because that shows that your enquiry is getting subtler and subtler; that you already know about the gross side of chakras and now you want to know the subtler forms.

Now the first question, which should be taken up first, […]

Collectivity and Responsibility Bordi (India)

Talk on Attention, Bordi, 26-01-1977

How they work it out. This is the reason why when Mohammad Sahib came in, he preached that you should not bow to anyone, whatsoever. Because bowing he knew that when the real person will come, you will recognize him in any case. But there was a general view, even Nanak Sahib could not change. And Nanak Sahib organized [UNCLEAR a book] just a symbol of wisdom of many great souls that you can only go and bow to that and not to anybody else. […]

Public Program Bordi (India)

Public Program, Bordi (India), January 25th, 1973

[Talk in Hindi]

So, if there is any trouble in your Swadishthan chakra, you can correct it by using your thumb. Now you have to see your importance as to who you are.You stand up in front of mirror, in this pose; there will be a change taking place in you. You can make it out from the reflection falling on the mirror, what thing you are. You see your own reflection in that mirror. […]