Public Program Dadar (India)

Public Program

The self-realisation, which we know by the name of Kundalini, does not awaken through external factors such as one’s practice, effort, money, labour, influence. In different religions, different arrangements have been made for Kundalini Jagran (awakening). Like in Muslims in the Namaaz, there is a complete arrangement for Kundalini Jagran. Putting hands like this, bending, lowering the head, holding ears, putting fingers in ears, etc. are all for Kundalini awakening. But it is all mechanical, […]

Teen Shaktiya (Three Powers) Mumbai, Dadar (India)

“Teen Shaktiyan” “Three Powers”, Seminar & Meeting, 21st January 1975, Dadar 

[Hindi to English Translation]

Just like a gardener cultivates a garden and nurtures it with love, and then he watches out for the blooming flowers in the garden, the joy the gardener feels upon seeing those flowers is inexplicable. 

The name ‘Krishna’ is derived from ‘Krishi’. ‘Krishi’, you know, is ‘agriculture’. During Shri Krishna’s time it was primarily agriculture, and during Christ’s time it was irrigated with his blood. […]