Music and Conversation on Sahaja Yoga School Project Jaipur (India)

Music and Conversation on Sahaja Yoga School Project
SY: He is chairman of Housing Board Land allotment he has done.
He is sardarji.
Shri Mataji:They eat money (take bribe) every where.
SY: In this case, they didn’t take bribe. Shri Mataji, Government gave the rebate. In this case they gave the rebate. They did not take the money. NOT CLEAR […]

Adi Shakti Puja Jaipur (India)

Adi Shakti Puja (Hindi). Jaipur (India), 11 December 1994.
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, December 11, 1994
Talk in Hindi
Adi Shakti Puja (Hindi). Jaipur (India), 11 December 1994.
Today we are going to worship Adi shakti.
Everything is covered in it. Many people have not even heard the name of Adi shakti. We are the worshipers of Shakti. Here we are Shaktdharmi (religiously devoted to Shakti) and many kings have been worshiping Adi Shakti. Everyone has different deities and the names of each deity is different. […]

Public Program Day 3, Sadhak Wahi Hota He Jo Sath Leta He Jaipur (India)

1986-02-19 Public Program in Jaipur

Sahaja yogi: Jai Shri Mataji! All the brothers who are standing outside, please come inside. In a short while Shri Mataji is going to come. All the brothers and sisters who are waiting for Shri Mataji, please come inside. As soon as you come inside we will start the program. Please come inside.

Song in the background

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji is going to come. Till then we will talk a little about Sahaja Yoga. […]

Public Program Day 2, Kundalini Ka Jagran Ek Jivant Kriya Hai Jaipur (India)

1986-02-18 Second Public Program in Jaipur (Hindi)

Translation from Hindi:

On seeing the welcoming by the worshippers of Jaipur, a Mother’s heart is overwhelmed with joy. I bow to you all worshipers.

As I had told yesterday, we went to a wrong street in Jaipur where we did not find seekers of God. But today, with great happiness and joy, after meeting you all we have to say in this place of believers, there are many people are seeking God. […]