Talk after Marriage Announcements Kolhapur (India)

Talk after Marriage Announcements

I would advise that you people should meet each other, talk to each other, find out; and really this is the time you can decide. We’re sorry because so many forms came very late, otherwise we would have declared it in Pune as usual. But this time the forms came till the last. Even here we were receiving some forms. So we couldn’t decide; unless and until you have all the forms for that. […]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: When you are in the center you don’t think, you are in meditation Kolhapur (India)

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja. Kolhapur (Maharashtra-India), Hindi Talk, 21 December 1990.

This way the three and a half shakthi (Kundalini) is residing in Maharashtra, and also the Shri Chakra is residing here.All of you know that in the central path resides Mahalakshmi and also the Kundalini is awakened in the central path. For thousands of years in this Mahalakshmi temple it is recited (chanted) UDO UDO AMBE to awaken the Amba Kundalini and the kundalini shakthi in Mahalakshmi gets awakened. For this the Amba who resides in this Mahalakshmi temple arises.Kolasur was killed here and that’s why the name Kolapur. […]

Press Conference Circuit house, Kolhapur (India)

Press conference, Kolaphur, India, 20-12-1990

From an ancient time, there is the power of Kundalini has been described in our country.

Now let me tell you how many books it’s given now since we have not read Sanskrit we don’t know about it. Page 427 Take this book now. There is a lot. Hans Upadesh Now Yoga Chuda Mani, written by Adi Shankaracharya, What he wrote in that book Yoga Chuda Mani, in which he has given Tatwik (Real and truth) and ideological discussion, […]

Talk: Marriage & Nirvikalpa and Evening Program Kolhapur (India)

Kolhapur (India), 30 December 1987.

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Today when I was coming from the shopping, I couldn’t get into the car. One foot was inside, and another would not leave it. So I came out of the car and then I knew that Mahalakshmi’s temple there were bells ringing and the aarti was on. So [INAUDIBLE WORD] Mahalakshmi didn’t want me to get into the car. I had to stand outside ’till the whole thing was over. […]

Talk at Music Program, Sant Tukaram Vidya Mandir Malharpeth, Kolhapur (India)

Talk At Music Program, Sant Tukaram Vidya Mandir

There should be no sin in my eyes, no lust in my eyes. Better if I am
blind than to have lust in my eyes. The second one is it’s better not to
hear ill about God. It is better that I am deaf. I should not say something
that is not holy; I should not say something unholy. It is better that I
become dumb. And he says, […]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: The innermost stream of Brahmanadi Kolhapur (India)

“The innermost stream of Brahmanadi” Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Kolhapur (India), 3 February 1984.

So we are all here now in this sacred place called Kolhapur. The Goddess killed the asura called Kolhasura here, who was a very bad demon; who was born again recently, but he died also. So thank God the death of Kolhasura has taken place!

This place, specially, is marked because from the Mother Earth the Mahalakshmi energy was emitted specially from the deity of Mahalakshmi. […]

New year’s Day Program, Gondhal (Drama) and Bhajans (partially transcribed) Kolhapur (India)

Gondhal (Drama) and Bhajans, Kolhapur, India, January 1st, 1983

[Shri Mataji speaks at 48:08]They are playing the praise of the Goddesses, also my praise and they are thankful to you for giving money to them, it’s a simple expression of your love for your Mother.

And it’s a very simple drama for village that they perform, entertain people in that they talk of God and all the work of the Goddess. It’s a very good way to learn- to entertain the villagers and to tell them about the Goddess [inaudible] for this, […]

Talk about Shri Saraswati and the Veena Kolhapur (India)

Talk about Shri Saraswati and the Veena, 1983, Kolhapur, India
The gentleman who accompanies, his name is Mr. Chatterjee but I have never seen anyone so far, playing those talas [rhythms] on tabla so well. It’s alright to play all North Indian talas on tabla, but to mix up both and to manage the South Indian talas on tabla is the first time I am seeing. Otherwise they normally use mrudungum.
It is a very, very unique combination of things we have worked out and, […]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: Ganesha Tattwa Kolhapur (India)

Shri Mahalakshmi puja. Kolhapur (India), 1 January 1983.

Today again is a new year’s day, every new year comes, because we have to take to something that is new. It has been so arranged that the sun has to move for 365 days and again a new year has to come. Actually the whole solar system is moving in a spiral way. So, there is definitely a higher, higher state of this solar system. Every year it is rising higher in a spiral way. […]