Easter Puja Kolkata (India)

Easter Puja (Translated from Hindi). Calcutta (India), 14 April 1996.
Today we are doing Easter Puja. Today is a very important day for Sahaja Yogis because Isa-Messiah (Jesus) has shown us that redemption of human beings is possible, and for that redemption we should always put in an effort. There is also a meaning why He was crucified. He was crucified on the cross and this cross is a symbol of the Swastika on the Agya chakra. […]

Public Program, Maa ka Khel Maya Kolkata (India)

Translation of 1996-0413 Public Program, Maa ka Khel Maya, Kolkata, India (Hindi)
I bow down to all the Seekers of Truth. First you should know, that truth will remain truth. What is truth today will remain truth tomorrow. You cannot change that in any way. You cannot transform it and you cannot describe it. Truth is to be known and it is known on our central nervous system. That is what is called bodh; that is what is called Vid. […]

Easter Puja, Crucify Yourself Kolkata (India)

Crucify yourself, Easter Puja, Calcutta (India), 14 April 1995.
Translation from Hindi: First I will speak to you in English and then in Hindi.
English talk:
Today is the day we are celebrating Easter. Easter is extremely symbolic, of – not only of Christ, but also for all of us. In that the most important day is that of resurrection. The resurrection of Christ has the message of Christianity, not the cross. Through resurrection Christ had shown that one can be resurrected with the body that you have. […]

Public Program Kolkata (India)

Public Program

I bow to you all the seekers of truth.

In this Kaliyuga,
man has become distracted and is fearful of the various problems.
Never before, were there as many seekers of truth, as there are in
this Kaliyuga; and, these are the times when you will find the truth.
But we must understand, what truth are we seeking, what are we
seeking? Otherwise, we get glued to something and then start
believing it to be true. […]

Birthday Puja, Power of Attention Kolkata (India)

Birthday Puja. Calcutta (India), 21 March 1994.

Every year we have birthdays of various people, and every year we make a vow that this year I will not do this or I will not do that. This is a very good way of seeing how far we have come in life. Many people who really have achieved a very great height in their spiritual life did not need a birthday, but every day they felt it’s a birthday to start, […]

Interview Kolkata (India)

1994-03-21 Interview with H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Question: The first question i want to ask you is what is your concept of meditation?
Shri Mataji: Meditation you cannot do, you have to be in meditation, it’s a state of meditation. Like some people say that you can sit like this prink like this and with that you will go into meditative state, you cannot, because always your mind is jumping on the crests of your thoughts, […]

Birthday Felicitations Talk Kolkata (India)

Birthday Felicitations Talk
So much has been said about me that I really start wondering what is all going on. Actually, I am not at all aware how things are working out. How Sahaja Yoga is spreading all over the world? How you people have come to Sahaja Yoga? It is a very special time. It is the blossom time and I was happy that in the beginning, the ‘Shuddha Vasanta’  was played, suggesting this is the blossom time. […]

Talk After Birthday Felicitations Kolkata (India)

After Birthday Felicitations. Calcutta (India), 20 March 1994.
This was a song composed by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, so many years back, when He had a vision of our Ganapati Pule seminars, where He describes that people from all the world will come, from different countries will come. Also, the Hindus, the Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and all kinds of communities will get their awakening on the bank of the sea. ‘Sagar’ is the sea. So beautifully every detail He has described. […]

Birthday Felicitations Kolkata (India)

Birthday Felicitations, Kolkata (India), 19/03/1993
I’m very much thankful to Anandhata Kala sangam President. Today, he told Me, in the play, about us, that shraddha we have, which is so much needed in our life.
And I know it is in Bengal, people are going to really give you something great about art.
Somehow or other, here, where River Ganges makes this great scene, there has been such a big manifestation of artists and art of Indian heritage. […]

Shri Saraswati Puja Kolkata (India)

Shri Saraswati Puja 1992-02-03 India
(Translation from Hindi, Scanned from English Divine Cool Breeze)
In this Kali Yuga it very difficult to recognize the Mother. We cannot even know our own mother then to know me is even more difficult. But the depth of this Yoga bhumi is working in you. I have seen that whichever Saha|a Yogi has come from this part becomes very deep. And I am surprised that where I spent so many years and worked such a lot. […]

Shri Rama Puja Kolkata (India)

Shri Rama Navami Puja, Calcutta, India, 25/03/1991
Translated from Hindi.
First translation, second translation is below.
We have gathered here on the occassion of Ram Navami. Everybody has said, “Mother please tell us about Shri Ram.”
As you know that Shri Rama has taken a very important place in our chakras. He is sitting on our right heart. Shri Rama has taken a place of a father, so lack of father’s duty and love can cause a catch of this chakra. […]

Public Program Day 2 Kolkata (India)

I told you yesterday that truth is fixed in its place. No one can change it. We just have to know the truth and achieve it. Until we have experienced the truth, it is a big mistake to accept anything as the proof of truth. Many people have their own convictions that, “This saying of mine is true, and that saying of mine is the truth. This religion is true, and that religion is true”. In this manner, […]

Adi Shakti Puja Kolkata (India)

1994-04-09 Adi Shakti Puja
(Translation Scanned from English Divine Cool Breeze)
They find very little dine, rills time which we have tied an our hands is meant for our own ascent and for our progress within. If we have ta know ourseives from within it is Important that we meditate for a while dally, in the evening ana -morning. A iat of difference comes between
the ones who meditate and the ones who riant.
Specially people who do a let of work for Sahaja Yoga, […]

Interview, This time has been predicted Kolkata (India)

Interview with a journalist. Kolkata (India), 14 October 1986.

Interviewer: [UNCLEAR] has the root connection of the Patanjali yoga?

Shri Mataji : Of course. I mean it’s the ancient thing. No doubt. Patanjali used the same thing. But he used a gradual method because that was a slow method.[ in Hindi- like use zamane mein bailgadi use karte the na.- in those times bullock carts were used] Now we are using motor cars. So that is the but the time has come. […]

Public Program Kolkata (India)

Public Program, Kolkata, India, 13.10.1986

Translation from Hindi:

I bow to all the seekers of the Spirit. I don’t understand how to tell that I don’t go or come anywhere, I am always with you. But with the thought that you people think that I will go away, I feel bad too. In the entire world there are many Sahaja Yogis, when I leave one, I think of all of them. And wherever I am going, […]

7th Day of Navaratri, Meditation for Right Side Kolkata (India)

Eve of Navaratri Puja. Kolkata (India), 10 October 1986.
[The video begins with video footage of Shri Mataji going around the city with Sahaja Yogis to see pendals/temples of Shri Durga. While watching one pendal, suddenly the music played changes from Indian classical songs to more rhythmical music. Shri Mataji says to the Yogis: “… to please you they are giving you all rock and roll and all kinds of music just to please you… rock and roll for the sahaja yogis” (Not perfectly audible – laughter from yogis)
Cut in the video.]
Shri Mataji: How many have you to report at 10 o’clock on the 17th night – 16th night? […]

7th Day of Navaratri, Shri Mahadevi Puja Kolkata (India)

 1986-1010 7-th Day of Navaratri, Shri Mahadevi Puja Pt 1 Talk, Kolkatta, 10 Oct. 1986

To all devotees and followers of truth, who have assembled here for the Puja, I offer My protection.  In this Kalyug of today, when so much devotion and homage for the Mother, and so much love comes into the hearts of human beings, then we can know that Satya Yuga (the Golden Age) has begun. This is a most fortunate and Divine coincidence for Me also, […]

Public Program Lions Club of Calcutta, Kolkata (India)

Public Program. Lion’s Club, Calcutta (India), 9 October 1986.
… and to all the Sahaja yogis who have come all the way to attend this program in Calcutta. It’s so heartening that I find it difficult to express it in human words the way I envisage the vision that your founder must have thought of. I’m sure he must have been a realized soul himself. Apart from that, he looks like Confucius to Me. As Confucius has talked of humanism, […]

Public Program, About all chakras Kolkata (India)

Public program. Kolkata (India), 2nd of April 1986.

Translation from Hindi:

Sahaja Yoga commenced as a small blade of grass, which has now grown to the size of sea. But it has to further grow to the size of Ocean. Now, I am totally convinced that this can grow further to the shape of  a big Ocean, in this Mahanagar. Today, I would like to tell you about the purpose of Sahaja Yoga and the benefit meted out  to mankind by  the awakening of Kundalini. […]

Birthday Puja Kolkata (India)

Birthday Puja (Hindi). Kolkata (India). 1 April 1986.
Since 21st March, you all are celebrating My birthday… and, in Bombay too, birthday was celebrated for 4 days with full vigor… after that birthday was celebrated in Delhi, and today too, it feels that, you all will keep celebrating My birthday.
This tent has been decorated so beautifully… with flowers… and with different colors… all decoration has been done so much, that words stop, seeing the artists, […]

Public Program Kolkata (India)

Public program, India, Kolkata, 31 March 1986
Respectful  greetings to  all new seekers. It is very simple to say what is truth. The only truth is that you are the spirit Your soul is far above your mind, intellect, body, pride which  are instilled in you. But so far the light of your soul has not reached your mind, or it may be said that this light has not yet been seen. But when we look at truth, […]