Talk To Sahaja Yogis Madras (India)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Madras 17-01-1994

[Transcript Scanned from Divine Cool Breeze]

I’m so very happy that there are so many people that are interested in Sahaja Yoga in Madras. I’ve been coming here quite often and I felt that if people from Madras once understand Sahaj Yog they will realise that all these years whatever they have been seeking, whatever they have been doing, in the name of God, in the name of religion, now is the time for them to get the results. […]

Confusion and the ordinary householders Madras (India)

Public Program Day 2. Madras (India), 7 December 1991.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday at the very outset, I told you that truth is what it is. If we have not found the truth we should be humble and honest about it, because truth is for our benevolence, for the benevolence of our city, of our society, of our country and of the whole universe.

This is a very special time you are all born, […]

Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja: The Queen of all the Queens Madras (India)

Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja. Madras (India), 6 December 1991.

Today we’ll be having Shri Ganesha Puja, followed by Raja Rajeshwari.So many names have been described of the Goddess: specially Adi Shankaracharya called Her Raja Rajeshwari, meaning She’s the Queen of all the Queens. Also for Mother Mary they have used this title in the West. These ideas have come from the pagan religion, as I have told you before, and that they didn’t come by the description of Mother Mary in the Bible. […]

Have you got the ultimate reality? Madras (India)

Public Program Day 1. Madras (India). 6 December 1991.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

If we are the real seekers of truth, we have to be honest about it and sincere, so that we are sincere to ourselves, and we have justified our own existence in this world. There are so many sadhakas, morning till evening they are working out some sort of a ritual, some sort of a meditation, some sort of a bhakti, […]

Opening Talk and Veena Music Madras (India)

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi speaking to the western Sahaja yogis. Madras (Chennai), India. Followed by classical veena music recital by E.Gayathri.(1991-1204)

Shri Mataji: Germans have come! I could hear all the Germans outside…Hello! I could hear you outside …The Germans are coming I said! Wonderful it was really…So fast …Real fast number …Enjoying yourself!

[Shri Mataji says to the child nearby]

 So how are you all right …

Thank you all …Marble is good! May God bless you! […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis and Music Program Madras (India)


Mr.Murthi, also call Kaushi and her husband and this gentleman. All right. Call also kaushi and her husband will be more of south Indians should be here, this kamala. You also come along here. You also come along.

Sit down (to a sahaja yogi) put your left hand towards me and right hand on the mother earth. It will be good. Him his right hand towards me and left hand like this. […]

Public Program Madras (India)

1986-01-28 Public Program, Madras India

I bow to all the seekers of truth. In this Kaliyuga it is so very difficult to find people who are seeking the truth. As I told you the other day as described by Shri Krisna, awareness is moving towards adhogati(descent) as he has said that the tree of awareness has got its roots in the brain but when we do not have the vurdhvagati(ascent) we move towards adhogati. Without knowing we are moving towards adhogati and the whole world doesn’t understand why this confusion is there. […]

Public Program Madras (India)

1986-0126 Public Program, Madras, India

[Introduction by Yogi]

Friends, aspirants, seekers and fellows Sahaja Yogis, it is my great privilege today, coming to this meeting, and present our divine Mother to you. Shri Mataji is not new to Madras, as you all know. But at our persistent request, Mother has been kind enough to visit Madras last year, a couple of times; and the year before, in the month of October, Mother was [UNCLEAR] Madras to public meetings. […]

Interview Madras (India)


[Audio recording. Inaudible for the first minute].

Interview: ..Monthly magazine running to about fifty pages. February issue we have brought out running to fifty-six pages. 

Shri Mataji: That is very good.

Interviewer: It is appearing in the Tamil language.

Shri Mataji: That is also necessary you know, you have people from.

Interviewer: And we have circulation about one lakh. We have one lakh.

Shri Mataji: Now you have to ask me questions because I do not know what to tell. […]

Devi Puja Madras (India)

Devi Puja in Madras (Chennai) 25th January 1986

Please be seated.Madras is known for perfect rituals about puja and that is how, in the growth of our awareness, even towards God and towards the rituals, we have moved from reality.As they say the tree of awareness grows downward. So in the West it grew towards materialism, grew towards something that was filthy; went down and down. But as Shri Krishna has said the roots are in your head.But in the Hindu religion it didn’t go that bad. […]