Wedding Anniversary Mumbai (India)

Wedding Anniversary

I just want to thank you all from My heart for coming to celebrate this anniversary with your love. I can’t do more than to thank you really how you people have appreciated My humble work. Moreover, it’s a work of just love. Love is the greatest quality of human beings. And if you have developed that then you will forget all other things. Because love has its own reward and the reward is here, […]

Kundalini ki jagruti se Mumbai (India)

2000-0312  Public Program, Kundalini ki Jagruti se, (With Kundalini Awakening), Mumbai

Table of ContentsTranslation from Hindi:24:51 to 44:45 [Marathi talk – translation missing]Translation from Hindi: 

Translation from Hindi:

I bow to all the seekers of truth.  First I will speak in Hindi, and after that in Marathi;  because it is our National language, and I feel that everyone should at least have some knowledge of Hindi.  Of course there is no language like Marathi. This I agree.  […]

Address to IAS Officers, Stress and Tension Management Y.B.Chavan Auditorium, Mumbai (India)

Address to IAS Officers, Mumbai (India), 11 March 2000.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. That’s a very interesting subject that has been given to Me to talk to you people because I have been always worried about the IAS, IPS, and other Government servants, very much worried because I have known the kind of life My husband was leading. And I used to think: if these new people, who have come to the services, […]

Awakening Of Kundalini Is Not A Ritual Shivaji Park, Mumbai (India)

1999-02-20 Public Program in Shivaji Park, Mumbai [translation from Hindi, Marathi]

My Greetings to
seekers of Truth. We don’t give any importance or attention to truth,
what is the reason for that? Why we don’t like Truth and implement
it. It’s not that only this, this World has become like that one eye
is on wrong or false things. For that, I can say that this is the
time of severe (grievous) Kaliyuga. Very bad Kaliyuga, […]

Shri Kartikeya Puja: The spirit of Kartikeya Vashi Health Centre, Mumbai (India)

Shri Kartikeya Puja, (Marathi and English talk), Mumbai (India), 21 December 1996.

[Marathi to English Translation]

Today you all have expressed the desire to do a puja to Shri Mahalakshmi, but here in Maharashtra, Shri Mahalakshmi is worshipped regularly and she has appeared here in Maharashtra but I had an immense desire to tell you all about Shri Kartikeya because he took birth in this Maharashtra, he was Shri Gyaneshwara himself, I have not said anything about this until now because Maharashtrians find it difficult to understand it. […]

Mahashivaratri Puja Mumbai (India)

1993-02-19 Shivaratri Puja (Hindi)
[Music Shankar Bhole Bhale…..Song book Hindi 78 in the 1hr 5 min version.]
[Content below is after 12 min in 1hr 5 min version or complete text of 52 min version.]
We have all assembled here to worship Lord Shiva. And this puja is very important one because the final goal of human being / life is to find Shiva Tattva. Shiva tattva is beyond human mind. Until you get your self-realization, […]

Birthday Puja Talk Mumbai (India)

Birthday Puja Date 17th March 1992, Mumbai

[English translation from Hindi, scanned from English Divine Cool breeze]

You have celebrated my birthday with so much love. You got your self realisation, and the special thing is that you became something and gained something. I am what I am. I don’t have to become anything. It is such a great thing that you got self enlightened through your Spirit. All Sahaja Yogis have now become so good and dharmic. […]

Public Program Day 2 Mumbai (India)

1992-01-29 Public Program Day 2, Mumbai, India

[Hindi to English translation]

      We don’t even know as to what we are searching. Some people think that, if they get power, they’ll be very happy, some think that, if they get too much money, they’ll be very pleased and some people also think that, if they become very powerful, they can overpower others but in this seeking you are seeking something else. But if this seeking of yours is right or good, […]

Birthday Puja Mumbai (India)

Birthday Puja, March 21, 1991, Mumbai, translation from Hindi

whole world is gleefully celebrating our birthday. All this makes me
so emotional that till now no children would have loved their mother
so much, like you love me. This is the glory of Shri
Ganesha that
he would behold His Mother above all deities and would be engrossed
in Her service. Therefore, He could accomplish everything. It is a
natural instinct for every mother to love her children and to
sacrifice everything for them. […]

Public Program Mumbai (India)

Public Program in Hindi, Self Realization in English , 1991-03-19

[Translation from Hindi]

About which he doesn’t know. Although in our India there has been a lot of work on Yoga but because of the onset of English rule all of us forgot our Great scriptures which worked a lot in the field of yoga. In Upanishads if you see particularly Shandilya Upanishad etc., it has been written long back that within you there is a power named kundalini and this power on getting awakened you can get your self realisation. […]

Press Conference and scientific discussion Mumbai (India)

Press Conference and scientific discussion, Mumbai (India), 13 January 1990.

Rajesh Shah:

So we invited you to come this afternoon – I recognize it’s a Saturday afternoon but glad that you took the trouble to come over here today uh.. as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is here in Bombay and we thought it would be a good idea if there was an interaction with the Press.

All of us here, who have been followers of Shri Mataji, […]

Birthday Puja Mumbai (India)

Transcript of Birthday Puja 21-03-1989, MumbaiShri Mataji: I really do not know what to say. All these presents that you have brought for Me. Actually, you are My presents. I was very happy that those people who gave presents; all of them had such good vibrations and very good Kundalini.

That is the greatest thing that I would love to see for all of you. That your chakras are alright and that your Kundalini is growing properly. […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: Why did we come to Sahaja Yoga? Mumbai (India)

Shri Ganesha Puja 18 sept 1988 Mumbai

God’s creation started from Brahmanand, we also call that Omkar. This sound which spread in the world spread purity. God spread first purity in the world that is called chaitanya that you can now know also. You can experience it now also. The same Omkar. We worship Sri Ganesh in every worship. Today you have organised very nicely for the worship of Sri Ganesh. When we worship something we see the different form of that also. […]

Birthday Puja Mumbai (India)

Birthday Puja, Mumbai (India), 21 March 1988.

I have told them, in Marathi language because most of them are Maharashtrians here, that in every part of the country one has to work hard and one has to spread Sahaja Yoga with complete dedication and understanding. That today is the day for us to achieve that power, to absorb that power by which we are going to spread Sahaja Yoga all over the world.

It’s you who can enlighten other people. […]

Mahashivaratri Puja Mumbai (India)

Shivaratri Puja, Bombay (India), 14 February 1988.

This part was spoken in Hindi

Today we are all come together to celebrate the Shiva Tattwa Puja.  Nowadays, in Sahaja Yoga, what we have achieved is by the Grace of the Shiva Tattwa.  Shiva Tattwa is the ultimate goal (establishment, completion) of pure desire. When the Kundalini gets awakened in us, pure desire takes us near and keeps us at the Shiva Tattwa. Beyond Shiva Tattwa is the safe refuge of the Atma.  […]

Makar Sankranti Puja Mumbai (India)

Makar Sankranti – Shri Surya Puja. India Tour, Bombay (India), 10 January 1988.

It is a very unique opportunity, I think, for Me to meet you again in Bombay when you are all leaving this country, and this kind of a special type of a puja that we are having today. This is the puja done to the sun, and is called as Makar Sankrant. “Makar” is the tropic of Capricorn, Capricorn is Makar. So now the sun is moving from the tropic of Capricorn towards the tropic of Cancer, […]

Birthday Puja Mumbai (India)

Transcript and Translation Birthday Puja 1987-0321

Table of ContentsTranslation from Hindi:24:51 to 44:45 [Marathi talk – translation missing]Translation from Hindi: 

[English Transcript]

Mataji (in English): The way you have greeted Me today, it is beyond
words to express the joy of a Mother. Today you have celebrated it in
a Western way and I am very happy about it. All over the world, your
brothers and sisters are celebrating My birthday. You all have to
think about them. […]

Conversation with Dr. Talwar Mumbai (India)

English translation of Shri Mataji’s talk in Hindi. Conversation with Dr. Talwar and other Sahaja Yoga leaders on February 26 and 27 1987 on the occasion of Shivaratri puja in Mumbai.

Sahaja Yoga was known to me all along.

It is a unique knowledge with which I was born. It was not so easy to reveal it and I wanted to find out how to reveal it. First of all, I thought that the seventh chakra must be opened, […]

Public Program Mumbai (India)


38.44 (IN Marathi)

Yesterday I told you very briefly about humanity and Sahaja Yog, though it took some time because this subject is vast and whatever I could understand about it, I have tried to tell you.

Today I have been told to talk to you in Hindi, though I have never learnt the Hindi language in schools and colleges and if there is any mistake in my speech, then please forgive me from your heart. […]

Birthday Felicitations Mumbai (India)


I feel so proud
to hear the great musician playing here on the adivadya such
beautiful ragas and melodies to enthral us with spiritual ascent. It
proves that this is the adivadya we can say primordial instrument
because it emitted the maximum number of vibrations. I wish other
people also learn this great instrument. This integration between
different styles of music in India must take place and I am so very
happy he has so much knowledge of north Indian music as well and that
all north Indian musicians who were sitting have appreciated this
great music and have realized that such lot of wealth is lying in our
country which is to be mutually appreciated and understood. […]

Birthday Puja Evening Program Mumbai (India)

Birthday Puja Evening Program, Mumbai (India), March 21st, 1986
[Translation from Marathi]
I bow to the Sahaja Yogis of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Madras, Delhi, Calcutta, Nagpur and other countries. All of you have gathered here in such a great number to celebrate My birthday and it seems that Kaliyug has ended because I could not imagine that a Mother would be given so much importance in Kaliyuga.
Also, I could not imagine that so many of My children would be enveloped in this heavenly joy. […]

Birthday Puja Mumbai (India)

Birthday Puja Talk, Bombay, India 21-03-1986

[English translation from Marathi]

Today all of you have decided to celebrate My birthday, for that I am thankful. Birthdays increase your age from one side and decrease your life from the other side. But in Sahaja Yoga it is opposite. When it is your birthday you should understand there is growth in our spiritual level (spiritual tree) and it has been growing regularly. Though our life is decreasing but the light of our spirit will keep on increasing and the rays of light will enter within us and make us divine.  […]

Attention Should be on God Mumbai (India)

Public Program, Mumbai (India), 20 January 1986.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

As it is, today, a question has been put forward before Me that why our attention gets lost; in the modern times, why our attention is not towards God. And that, in modern times, why a human being has gone down in his quality of humanity. These questions point out to one single fact that our attention has been challenged by modern times. […]

Birthday Puja: Keep your heart clean Mumbai (India)

Birthday puja, Bombay, 21 March 1985.

Table of ContentsTranslation from Hindi:24:51 to 44:45 [Marathi talk – translation missing]Translation from Hindi: 

[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]

Greetings to all Sahaja Yogis of Maharashtra.

Because of your goodwill, [friendly attitude towards other people or country], we have won the campaign at Australia. Sahaja Yoga has spread all over in Australia. Lots of people had come and they were of a great quality. In few days Maharashtra has to play a bet with Australia. […]

Makar Sankranti Puja: Let us be peaceful within Suryavanshi Hall, Mumbai (India)

Makar Sankranti Puja in Suryavanshi hall at Mumbai (India), 14 January 1985.

[Starts at 9:13] Today we are celebrating here a special day called Makar Sankrant.For the information of the foreign Sahaja Yogis, I will explain to you what it means. [Shri Mataji explains that She will speak first in English then in Marathi]. It means the day, today is the day the sun crosses over from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer. […]

Welcoming Talk at the beginning of India Tour Navinbhai Thakkar Hall, Mumbai (India)

Speech at the beginning of India Tour, Bombay (India), 13 January 1985.
I am very much overjoyed to say anything really and I hope you people are also happy to be here with me. So now we are all going to get in to this new venture of entering into the countryside of Maharashtra. I have to only tell you that my concern is that this tour should really to go [UNCLEAR] with it. For example this is the Country where lots of vibrations are there, […]

Public Program: Prapancha and Sahaja Yoga Doctor Antonio Da Silva High School, Mumbai (India)

Public Talk (in Marathi). Dr Antonio De Silva High School. Dadar, Bombay (India), 26th Nov 1984.


Birthday Puja: Be Sweet, Loving and Peaceful Juhu, Mumbai (India)

Puja for the 61° Birthday (Be sweet, loving and peaceful), Juhu, Bombay (India), 22 March 1984.

Table of ContentsTranslation from Hindi:24:51 to 44:45 [Marathi talk – translation missing]Translation from Hindi: 

[Translation from Marathi]

I bow to all Sahaja Yogis, saints. It is no longer birthday after the age of sixty years, but a reminder that life span is shorter by one year and hence the progress (in Sahaja Yoga) should also be correspondingly faster. It is a matter of joy that you have celebrated my birthday with so much enthusiasm. […]