Health Advice, the Sun, western habits, the brain and medical matters Near Musalwadi Lake, Musalwadi (India)

The Sun, the brain, medical questions. Rahuri (India). 13 January 1986.

I thought I have come to meet you all, not to give you a lecture.

So now we will be going for our further movement and I may have to return back to Bombay. I do not know how comfortable you were here (applause), but you wanted to be away from the maddening crowd and I thought this would be the nice place to be here though Dhumal was all the time insisting that they should stay in some Mangalkaryalay or something. […]

Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas Musalwadi (India)

Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas

[English translation from Marathi]

Shri Mataji: “After Sahasrara ….   So beautiful !  It is  Trigunatmika. See one, two, three.  Can you see the Trigunatmika? 

This is Agnya here…. Beautiful. When I say that,  it is even more.” (collective laughter).   “Break the coconut etc. here.”

Sahaj Yogi : “ Yes, yes will do.’

Shri Mataji : “The things which saints and holy people express, nobody else is able to do so. […]