Health Advice, the Sun, western habits, the brain and medical matters Near Musalwadi Lake, Musalwadi (India)

The Sun, the brain, medical questions. Rahuri (India). 13 January 1986.

I thought I have come to meet you all, not to give you a lecture.

So now we will be going for our further movement and I may have to return back to Bombay. I do not know how comfortable you were here (applause), but you wanted to be away from the maddening crowd and I thought this would be the nice place to be here though Dhumal was all the time insisting that they should stay in some Mangalkaryalay or something. […]

Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas Musalwadi (India)

Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas (Marathi translation )

Sahasrar it’s so beatuful 1 it’s Trigunatmika here.Beautiful!see
1,2,3 Can you see Trigunatmika. This is Agnya here. Beautiful When I
say that it is even more. (while worshiping main Swayambhy Herself,
Mother saying to yogis nearby as a part of worship) “break the
coconut etc. here.

things which saints and holy people says nobody else is able to say
so. Now these are the holy and saintly people are here to tell you
everything. […]