Easter Puja: You must forgive The Pride Hotel, Nagpur (India)

Easter Puja, “You must forgive”, Hotel Pride, Nagpur (India), March 23th, 2008
I never expected all of you to be here present for the puja. I don’t know how you have managed to come (laughter and applause). Otherwise, it’s a very important day today for all of us because you know how Christ died. He was crucified. He was put on a cross and then He died.
Wonderful the way he said about you people. He asked for forgiveness from God. […]

Importance of True Love, Shri Mataji’s Updesh Nagpur (India)

Advice to Sahaja Yogis Nagpur, 5th March 1989

It is a special place when it is a village of our own Mother, old memories start to float just in front of my eyes. I always used to feel that Sahaja Yoga should spread in Nagpur city but people in their own homes stay away from mother, they do not see what is around them. The attention of human beings is easily drawn towards something which is far but they ignore what is near them and that is why the work of Sahaja Yoga began quite late in Nagpur.This land was already filled with vibrations because I stayed here in my childhood and quite a lot had already happened in subtle way. […]

Speech by Sir C.P. on the occasion of the Birth Centenary of Shri Mataji’s father Nagpur (India)

Speech by Sir C.P. on the occasion of the Birth Centenary of Shri Mataji’s father (from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 27, Pages 48-49)

Speech by Sir C.P.

Most respected Vice-President of India Hidaytullaji, Hon. and Respected Dy. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Ramrao Adikji and Hon. Shri Tidkeji, Respected Shri Madhulkarji, Shri Gaikwadji, Shri Kishor Kashikarji, Sabi Bhaiya and my dear brother-in-law, my friend and the Central Minister Shri N.K.P. Salve. Sir, may I offer on behalf of the whole Salve family, […]

Public Program Nagpur (India)

Public Program (Hindi), Nagpur, Maharastra, 1973

[English translation from Hindi]

Long time ago, there came many occasions spontaneously when I had to give lectures in front of very great audience, to say before thousands of people and there was an incident in 1930 when Gandhiji did fast. My father was also a good orator, you must be knowing about him, but he had to leave to home because of some important work. Everybody started telling that, […]