You have to have an open mind to understand God’s love Mavalankar Auditorium, New Delhi (India)

Public Program

Today, in these modern times we are face to face with lots of complicated problems lots of shocks that are awaiting us.

And then we look back to understand why have we failed. What has gone wrong with all of us? Whatever way the human beings have moved in whatever direction they have tried to achieve something the whole thing has recoiled on the whole humanity and has destroyed it. One must stop at this point and witness the reason the basic reason, […]

Heart and Vishuddhi Chakras Mavalankar Auditorium, New Delhi (India)

1984-03-16 Public Program at Mavlankar Auditorium: Heart and Vishuddhi Chakras, Delhi

I bow to all the seeker who are searching truth. I told you about our Nabhi chakra which is inside us gives maximum strength. We get Chena from it. As Krishna has said yoga chema bahamyaham. First there should have yoga. Then only Chema will occur. I had told that is why our country had no chema.  There should be yoga first then chyam. We did not search for yoga first that is why Chema did not happen in our Country.  […]