Dharma Ki Avashyakta – Why is Dharma needed (Evening) Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

Public Program, Calcutta, India, 23 February 1986

[English translation from Hindi]

I bow down to all the seekers of the spirit! What can be even said after listening to today’s heavenly music! Especially Mr. Devdutt Chaudhary and Shri Govind Chakravarti, who accompanied him on the tabla, have provided so much enjoyment to the spirit that without even telling anything, I think the Kundalini has awakened in you. Another thing that should be known in the Sahaja sense is that the Indian music is derived from Omkar. […]

Public Program Day 2: Dharm Acharan Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

Public Program Day 2, Dharm Acharan, Delhi, India, 22.02.1986

Translation from Hindi:

Yesterday, I told you, when devotion and deed unite together, you start behaving in the same manner as the one to whom you are devoted to, and you start following the path, shown by him, and then the actual religion is awakened within you, the religion is established in you. There are many people, who follow others but they do not have devotion towards them, […]

Public Program Day 1: Bhakti aur Karma Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

Public Program Day 1, “Bhakti Aur Karma”, Delhi, India, 21-02-1986

I bow down to all seekers of truth in Delhi.

Today’s questions which have come before me, have been written with a lot of interest, curiosity, intent and intelligence as is apparent in the Bhautic (material) world. As it has been mentioned there were already a number of Avatars (incarnations) which have come on this earth and people ask why this seeking was not done before? […]

The Essence of Gita Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall, New Delhi (India)

Public Talk in Shankar Lal Hall, Delhi (India), 20 February 1986.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
I am very happy that this book is now published and a subtler side, a deeper dimension of ‘Gita’ is being brought, to the readers. As Krishna was a great diplomat and understood that human beings are very clever and they cannot accept truth in a straightforward manner. He, in His advice to Arjuna used His diplomacy and the essence of His diplomacy is always specially of the defined, […]