Action and Desire Niphad (India)

Conversation with Yogis, India tour, Niphad, (India), 6 February 1982.

(Shri Mataji has involved the audience in the talk so the whole talk is very informative & interactive):Tape 1

Shri Mataji: You are better off now?Shri Mataji: Do you get this Jaggery, the one you ate in London?Audience: Yes, MotherShri Mataji: You get in England? I never saw this Jaggery.Audience: Yes Mother in Indian shops not in English shopsShri Mataji: In Indian but shops not in English shops.Audience: Yes Mother.Shri Mataji: Ha but not in English shops as such.This jaggery is a very good thing when you come out from somewhere like dusty places or something with sore throat and you take a little bit of jaggery and drink some water. […]