Guru Nanaka Jayanti Noida (India)

Guru Nanaka Jayanti, Noida residence, India, 13/11/2008

They didn’t talk of Kundalini, that is the only trouble. And they all, that time they were all fighting. Because of that fighting nature nobody had the patience to tell them: “Baba! You don’t fight now, it’s a bouddism [unsure].” Because when there is fight going on, you can’t talk to them!But with Sahaj Yoga [cut in the video]And there was no fighting.Sahaj Yoga is given you a complete freedom but as Sahaja is a complete-Shri Mataji [to a girl]: Darling?Girl: Surein? […]

Talk and Quawalli of the Evening, Eve of Diwali Noida (India)

Talk of the Evening Eve of Diwali. Noida (India), 10 November 2007.
(Translation from Hindi)
Happy Diwali.
I wish you all a very happy Diwali.
You have seen these different types of dances; understand one thing from them, that whoever has written it or said it, they are all saying the same thing. The greatest thing that they said was that the Paramatma is One.
They had incarnated in different forms, avatars, but the Paramatma is One. […]

Inauguration of Vishwa Nirmal Noida (India)

Inauguration (from Hindi). Noida, Uttar Pradesh (India), 27 March 2003.
You must allow me today to speak in Hindi Language.
In our country there are many problems. One of the biggest problems is that here men and women are seen from different angles or different points of view. I don’t know how this happened because it is not written so in our Shastras (Holy Books). It is written in the Shastras that “Yatra pujyante nari” (Sanskrit) meaning that where women are worshipped, […]

Gudi Padwa Talk Noida (India)

2000- 04-05 Gudi Padwa/Navaratri Puja Talk, India

Here, in India, two Navratris (nine nights of the Goddess) are celebrated. One is the Chaitra Navratri (the first month of the Hindu calendar)  when She is worshipped in the form of Shailaputri. This is Her first incarnation, and She had taken birth in the Himalayas. That is why She is called Shailaputri (daughter of the Himalaya). She has other names also.  But Shailaputri has special significance because it was the very first time that She took an incarnation.  […]

Guru Nanak Birthday Noida House, Noida (India)

[English translation from Hindi]

Anniversary of Guru Nanak Birthday, Noida House (India), November 1999.

Today is the birthday of Guru Nanaka. It is being celebrated through-out the world with so much of zeal that I have not seen in India. For the first time it has been advertised in so many papers and by different means.Guru Nanaka always talked of Sahaja Yoga. Everything else, He said, is just showing off. About religion He said that observing fasts, […]

Gudi Padwa Noida (India)

Gudi Padwa puja, Noida, India, 18 March 1999

Translation from Hindi:

Today is the Day of Gudi Padwa [The New Year’s Day of the Shalivahana shak]. And it is celebrated in Maharashtra mostly, but now in other places too. It is said that it is a very auspicious day. Whatever work is done on that day it is fruitful. But whatever is the reason is as per worldly beliefs.The other thing is that, in the dynasty of Shalivahana, […]

Public Program – Paise Ke Peeche Daur Noida (India)

Public Program – Paise Ke Peeche Daur, Noida, India (Hindi), 30.11.1994

Translation from Hindi:

My salutations to all those saints, who are seeking the truth. Because of the several virtues of the previous birth, human seeks the truth. While seeking the truth he doesn’t know, (later on), he doesn’t know what exactly the truth is. But from within him, a very powerful feeling awakens, espacially in foreign countries. This feeling flickers from within, which wriggles from within, […]

Public Program: Prem Hi Paramatma Noida (India)

Public Program,  Prem Hi Parmatma (Love is God), Noida, 04 March 1991 

Translation from Hindi:

My salutations to all the seekers of truth.  People have a lot of conjectures and notions about the Truth.  But I am going to disclose to you a secret.  That Truth is the Love of Almighty God.  And nothing else.  Love is Truth; and Truth is Love. And that is Knowledge.  Up till now very few people have spoken about Love.  […]

Public Program: Kundalini Ke Jagran Ke Bad Labh Noida (India)

Public Programme, Noida, India 1989-03-16

First of all, I have to say that the fate of Noida is such that no matter how much one tries, one can not arrive in time. It makes everyone wait, THIS Noida to you and also to me! (Shri Mataji is smiling  throughout) because we got late for no rhyme or reason. If any VIP is travelling on the road in Delhi, all the routes are closed, then no one can move. […]