Mahashivaratri Puja, Detachment & Enlightenment of Brain Pandharpur (India)

“Detachment & Enlightenment of Brain,” Mahashivaratri Puja, Pandharpur (India), February 29th, 1984

So now, we all have arrived, it’s all right.

Now, this place has been chosen because they said that there are lot of horrible people the other way round. Still, we are having their problems (laughing).

All right. You see, you must know these are modern times, and modern times have lots of complications.

(Translation from Marathi: “Has everyone arrived? I will first speak in English, […]

Vastushanti Puja Pandharpur (India)

Vastu Shanti puja, 1982-12-31, Pandharpur Center, Maharashtra, India, during India tour

So, try to be people who are without any conditioning that brings out your better quality.
You have been to Sajjangad, now you have seen it. Tomorrow is the New year and a very big day tomorrow. So we have to make some promises to ourselves. That in Sajjangad such a great saint [Samarth Ramdas] lived who just wore one dress on his body. […]