Public Program Satara (India)

Public Program
Seeing the work of Sahaja Yoga in Satara district, I am feeling extremely joyous. It has also been a very great work of establishing 15 centres in Satara district. This is the land of Shri Ramdas, who was the incarnation of Shri Hanuman. The fruits of his flower-like work are seen now in the fact that there are 15 centres over here.
There were many saints in this Maharashtra and all the things they said can be seen by us in Sahaja Yoga. […]

Shivaji the Anchavatara Satara (India)

Puja in Satara: Shivaji the Anchavatara. Satara (India), 7th February 1984
It is not proper, but He was not just a mere king, you see He was a Devi bhakta and an ansha avtara and His Mother was also an ansha avtara. What is the sign of an ansha avtara is that they have extra powers over themselves and over others, and they have no temptations, no mistakes.
[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi to the sound technicians about the sound system problem.]
So, […]

Tales of Shivaji Maharaj Sajjangad - Ram Das Temple, Satara (India)

Conversation at Swami Ramdas Temple, Satara (India), 30 December 1982.
In the music score, I must say the Western people have done so much better. What about the Indians? When are they going to take to music? I mean, there is no progress as far as music is concerned. We have great musicians in this Sahaja Yoga group like Mrs. Venugopalan and all that, but somehow or other, I find that the music is not coming up. […]