Talk After Sahasrara Puja: Unless and until you are conscious you cannot ascend Alpe Motta (Italy)

Speech after the Sahasrara puja. Madesimo, Alpe Motta (Italy), 4 May 1986.

These are the songs they are sung in Himalayas, and to be sung here is something really remarkable, isn’t it? You brought it all the way to be sung here.

Now, I think I have already given you a very, very long lecture and a speech as you call it, but some reactions were very good, and some could absorb it very well. But some, […]

Sahasrara Puja: Consciousness and Evolution Alpe Motta (Italy)

Sahasrara Puja. Alpe Motta (Italy), 4 May 1986.

Today is a great day for all of us, because it is the sixteenth Sahasrara Day. That in sixteen beats or sixteen movements you reach a higher position in the coil. That it is complete, that Shri Krishna is called as a complete incarnation because He has sixteen petals. This completeness is called as “purna.” So, now we move into another dimension. The first one was where you got your Self-realization. […]

Pre-Sahasrara Puja Talk: Put yourself into a discipline Alpe Motta (Italy)

Talk to yogis. Alpe Motta (Italy), 3 May 1986.

… that he leaves his bed in a mess. He leaves all his things in a mess. While coming I saw all the beds. … What are you doing here? Nothing. So put yourself into a discipline of leading a neat life, as a Mother I have to tell you. It takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes, but just tell yourself, ‘This is meditation.’ Do it meditatively. […]