Arrival Talk Milan–Malpensa Airport, Milan (Italy)

Malpensa. Milan (Italy) , 26 Aprile 2001.

(At Mother’s arrival, She is covered by flowers. Sahaja Yogis welcome Her by singing “Vishwa Vandita” and “Aspettando Lei”)

It’s very heartening to see so many of you coming to welcome Me. I feel so joyous I can’t express it in words. Your love is like the ocean which just moves from one person to another.It’s so great to come to Italy again.

(Long clapping, followed by a “ola” […]

Interview Milan (Italy)

Interview in Milan 18th September 1999

SHRI MATAJI: Have you talked to them about Sahaj Yoga?

GUIDO: She’s a yogini journalist, she’ been introducing…..

S.M.: Alright

G.: Also she has a miraculous healing in…..she was in Vashi

S.M.: Good, very good…….you’ll be asked questions of….should we do this because…….

G: also two doctors in the hall, they are just coming up if you……..

S.M.: alright

JOURNALIST (INTRODUCING): She’s the director of a very important review of natural health, […]

What is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and other yogas? Milan (Italy)

Public Program, Milan, 6 August 1989

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

You are here to feel the truth. And not to just conceptualise it

Now, there’s a question yesterday, people asked that what is the
difference between Sahaja Yoga and other yogas. All these yogas have been
written down by a saint called Patanjali, long time back. And he called it
Ashtanga Yoga, Ashtanga, with eight facets. He existed thousands of years back, […]

Public Program Milan (Italy)

1988-0802 Public Program, City Hall, Milan, Italy

Baba Mama: …first part and unclear(fine/final) instrument music the second part will be vocal music. In the vocal music we are going to have all bhajans and qawwalis which are of very fast tempo and very strong rhythm. So that you can with the permission of Shri Mataji, you can dance, clap abundance abundant and in abandonment. I am now requesting Prabakar Rao Dhakre to perform on the harmonium he yesterday performed on the violin and also sang unclear() may be harmonium. […]

Public Program Milan (Italy)

1988-0801 Public Program, City Hall, Milan, Italy

Baba Mama: Indian classical music is just like the western music has the similar nodes. There are seven sharp nodes and five flat nodes. The distinction however here lies in the improvisation that one can made out of these various notations. The Indian music also differs from western music as far as the percussion unclear(). We have various types of rhythms from 4,6,7,8,11,12,16,18 like this. And unlike your drums, […]

This Modern Age Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milan (Italy)

Public Program, “This Modern Age”. Teatro dell’Elfo, Milan (Italy), 22 October 1987.

[Sahaja yogis sing Namostute, Ciuri Ciuri, Powada, Ai Giri Nandini Mahishasura Mardini]

I bow to all the seekers of truth and joy. I am gratified to see all of you enjoying the music of My children here. They sing in pure joy. And that is what one has to understand that everything can be only enjoyed if there is purity. That purity comes with us when you are born. […]

All-pervading power has got all the telecommunication Sala della Provincia di Milano, Milan (Italy)

Public Program Day 1, Sala della Provincia di Milano, Milan (Italy)

[Introduction in Italian by a Sahaja Yogi until min 33:51]

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Already now you know about the subtle centers that are in the spinal cord, also in the brain. So when the Kundalini raises from its seat from the triangular bone and pierces through the fontanel bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood it again becomes soft and then the Grace which is a very subtle energy surrounding us, […]

Only thing we have to accept that still we have to know much more Milan (Italy)

1986-05-05 Public Program 1 in Milano

[Completion of an introduction in Italian until min 02:36]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. 

So far we have heard so much about the truth. All the great prophets, seers and incarnations have taught that the truth can be only realized if you are born again. This happening as people have put before us has been a very artificial one. Just by having a concept or a belief that you are born again you cannot become that. […]

Be serious about it Milan (Italy)

1985-0515 Public Program, Milan, Italy

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

Already now you know about the subtle centres that are in this spinal cord, also in the brain. So, when the Kundalini rises from Its seat, from the triangular bone, and pierces through the fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood, it again becomes soft. And then the Grace, which is a very subtle energy surrounding us, which is all-pervading, […]

Public Program Milan (Italy)

Public Program, Milan, Italy 14-05-1985

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. But one has to know what is the Truth and what are we seeking. For this, one has to realize that these modern times are special times. When many people are born especially, to seek their Self, their Spirit. But this method of seeking has to come from understanding of ancient times. It cannot just start a new method, some sort of new fact that could be called as a seeking way. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: The Time of Destruction Milan (Italy)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Italy, 1984, September, the 18th

Shri Mataji: Fumes. Like Fumes.

Sahaja Yogi: “Fumo”.

Shri Mataji: And it is such an absurd place. And there is, also very surprising that, every 28 minutes, in a place, water comes out of the Mother Earth, every 28 minutes. It shoots off, exactly after 28 minutes. It’s a very funny place and lot of sulphur, lot of sulphur there. Sulphur just bubbling out of, you find suddenly from somewhere there’s a hot water coming out like just pouring out water. […]

When we are seeking the truth, we have to know also what is the truth Milan (Italy)

Public Programme, Milan, 17 September 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It gives Me tremendous pleasure to be among the people of Milan, which means the middle, the middle path. The people who are in the middle path are the best suited for their ascent because those who go to extremes go away from reality. But those who lead a moderate life, a balanced life, a sensible life are very well suited for their ascent. […]