Talk on Arrival Milan–Malpensa Airport, Milan (Italy)

Discorso all’aeroporto Malpensa. Milan (Italy) , 26 Aprile 2001.
(At Mother’s arrival, She is covered by flowers. Sahaja Yogis welcome Her by singing “Vishwa Vandita” and “Aspettando Lei”)
It’s very heartening to see so many of you coming to welcome Me. I feel so joyous I can’t express it in words. Your love is like the ocean which just moves from one person to another.It’s so great to come to Italy again.
(Long clapping, followed by a “ola” […]

Public Program Milan (Italy)

Public Program


I bow to all the seekers of truth.

You are here to feel the truth. And not to just conceptualize it

Now, there’s a question yesterday, people asked that what is the
difference between Sahaja Yoga and other Yogas. All these yogas have
been written down by a saint called Patanjali, long time back. And he
called it Ashtanga Yoga, with eight facets. He existed a thousand
years back and that time we have a system in which the students went
into the university to study under some enlightened soul, […]

Public Program, This Modern Age Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milan (Italy)

Public Program, “This Modern Age”. Teatro dell’Elfo, Milan (Italy), 22 October 1987.
[Sahaja yogis sing Namostute, Ciuri Ciuri, Powada, Ai Giri Nandini Mahishasura Mardini]
I bow to all the seekers of truth and joy. I am gratified to see all of you enjoying the music of My children here. They sing in pure joy. And that is what one has to understand that everything can be only enjoyed if there is purity. That purity comes with us when you are born. […]

Talk to Yogis, The Time of Destruction Milan (Italy)

1984-0918 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Italy

Fume. Like Fumes. And it is such an absurd place. There is also very surprising that every 28mins, in a place, water comes out of the Mother earth, exactly after 28mins. It’s a very funny place, lots of sulphur there, Sulphur just bubbling out, you find suddenly from somewhere hot water coming out, just pouring out. Can you imagine such a place?
Now Andes is another side, andes is a kind that will give tremours, […]

Public Program Milan (Italy)

Public Programme, Milan, 17 September 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It gives Me tremendous pleasure to be among the people of Milan, which means the middle, the middle path. The people who are in the middle path are the best suited for their ascent because those who go to extremes go away from reality. But those who lead a moderate life, a balanced life, a sensible life are very well suited for their ascent. […]