About Divine Love Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy)

“About Divine Love”. Rome ashram (Pichini) (Italy), 22 February 1991.
You are singing so beautifully. It seems your heart has opened after this Puja very much and you’re singing like small children now. So sort of, all the conditionings we have had, all the ego also there, it seems now you have become very pure all these problems have gone away and you are enjoying yourselves. This is the best way, when we love ourselves, we know ourselves we become love. […]

Talk about Children and Indian School Rome (Italy)

Transcript, Talk About Children and Indian School, 1991-02-14 or 1986-05-04
[note for 1986-05-04 date – I would suggest that the date of the talk would be later than that attributed to it as the children are already in India when Shri Mataji is speaking, and I think they first went to India a little later than this]
I wanted to tell you about our schools in India and what is our idea is about those schools. […]

Mother’s Day Celebration, Short talk on creativity and Shri Mataji playing harmonium Rome Ashram - Nirmala House, Rome (Italy)

1990-05-10 Mother’s day at Nirmala House: Creativity


Today is mother’s day and I think this country has tremendous respect for mothers and mothers are also very loving in this country. It is very fortunate to be here on such a day, as Mother’s Day. Today we went out to see how Italy has become so creative and the mother earth gives you the creativity. She gives you. You learn from her how beautiful things she has produced and you try to reproduce it. […]

The Myth of Leadership Rome (Italy)

“The Myth Of Leadership” May 9, 1988
Now this one is a praise of Mahalakshmi tattwa, Mahalakshmi principle. And as you know that, Lakshmi principle is the power of Shri Vishnu, which first establishes within us when we start paying attention to dharmic material life, dharmic financial life and dharmic family life.
After that, seeking starts, seeking into higher realms: there it is manifested by the Mahalakshmi principle within us. That’s why in affluent countries people start seeking; […]

Public Program, Revolution of Love Rome (Italy)

“Revolution of Love”, Public Program. Rome (Italy), 26 October 1987.
I bow to all the seekers of love and joy.
When we talk of love and joy we have to know that it comes from reality, from the truth. Anything that is false or unreal cannot give you eternal joy. But truth is what it is. You cannot say with your own intelligence, “This is truth and this is not truth.” Everybody when they see the truth has to be the same. […]

Advice to Austrian Yogis Rome Ashram - Nirmala House, Rome (Italy)

Advice to Austrians yogis, Nirmala House, 20 April 1987.
And that’s why it’s working out that way. Because if it was one sided, it should not have worked that way. It’s both the sides are there. Come in, come in, come in, move forward.
[Inaudible ?]
How are the children? Are they all right? Yeah. Come on. Hamid is there or gone?
Yogi: Hamid is on the way. He is here.
Shri Mataji: He is here. […]

Easter Puja, Materialism Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy)

Easter Puja,  Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy), April 19th, 1987

Happy Easter to all of you!

It’s a great day to come to Rome to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Now we have to do the Resurrection of Christianity, which is just moving in the opposite direction of Christ’s Resurrection.

As you know that Christ was just Chaitanya, but He came in the body of Chaitanya. The whole body was made of Chaitanya, and He resurrected Himself to show to the world that you can resurrect yourself also, […]

Public Program Day 2 Rome (Italy)

Public Program. Rome (Italy), 21 May 1985.
The main thing is to get your Realization. No one can guarantee it. As it is a living process so it has to work out. And that you should get that Realization is the main point. To get the Realization I would say if some people want to come on the stage can come also. If there are people sitting on the ground are in difficulties can come on the stage. […]

Shri Ganesha Puja, You Should be Prepared to Change Rome Ashram - Nirmala House, Rome (Italy)

Shri Ganesha Puja. Rome (Italy), 19 May 1985.
It’s a great day for Me to come to Italy to celebrate Ganesha puja. The nature which we see around is the blessing of the Ganesha only because he is the one who prays to the Mother Earth that she should grant her blessings upon human beings. 3:26
It is he who moves all the elements of the nature and move them to create life. As you call them, […]

Bhajans, Eve of Shri Ganesha Puja Rome (Italy)

Musical Saturday’s night before Ganesha puja, in Rome, Italy, 18/05/1985
Transcript incomplete
Music and bhajans.
Shri Mataji: And now, we must really thank Guido for organizing so beautifully the whole thing and his wife who’s working very hard here, and all the Italian Sahaja Yogis.
And in Milano must thank also Gulio, the way he organized, it was a beautiful thing and other people like Ernesto, and Adriana, who took so much interest in organizing and specially I must say about our Bolivian friend who’s name is rather difficult, […]

Press Conference Rome (Italy)

Interview, Press Conference, Rome (Italy), 18 May 1985.
Shri Mataji: And secondly, once they feel the experience of the Spirit, they will start cleansing themselves, their own centres.
And this is how the modern Sahaja Yoga has evolved out of the old one which was only individualistic and was given to only people who were willing to go through any kind of tests and any kind of disciplining. But nowadays, best is to have it this way. […]

Public Program Day 2, The Channels Rome (Italy)

1984-09-20 Second Public Program in Rome

[An Italian speaker (Antonio) gives an introduction in Italian before the arrival of Shri Mataji.]

[Shri Mataji speaks from min 19.04]

[Self-Realization experience starts at min. 1.45.00, incomplete by the end of the first part of the video]

Thank you, thank you [Shri Mataji thanks for the flowers received]. Sit down.

Now tell me what has he said, so far what did he talk about? He talked about what?

He talked about the Spirit being a Mother. […]

Public Program Day 1 Rome (Italy)

Public Program Day 1. Rome (Italy), 19 September 1984.
(Here Shri Mataji gives Her speech in English and the interpreter translates that to local dialect for the audience. The interpreter also converts the questions from public to English language and conveys those to Shri Mataji)
(One question comes from the audience)
Interpreter: He is asking, “Why in India they’ve got so many deities? There is Shiva and the Trimurtis. And how can the human being reach the Spirit, […]

Ruth’s appartment Rome (Italy)

Conversation in Ruth’s appartment, Rome, Italy, April the 26th, 1984
Shri Mataji: [to be convinced that] what we have to expect, what should happen to you, what Christ has said. Not what the churches are talking. What Christ has said, if you are a Catholic. Catholic means, I don’t know what you know of Catholic. What does it mean?
New person: No, I was brought up as a Catholic.
Shri Mataji: No, no, what I am saying, […]

Public Program Day 3, Seekers of Joy Auditorium RAI del Foro Italico, Rome (Italy)

Third Public Program, “Seekers of Joy”. Rome (Italy), 10 September 1983.
I bow to all the seekers of joy. I’ve had many, many questions from the last lecture. And gradually in my own lecture you will find, I have tried to answer some of them. But only possible to divert all my today’s lecture on those, because I want to tell you about the spirit. It seems there is someone who is a learned man about Indian philosophy and I was happy to know that he has also studied that. […]

Public Program Day 2, Talk about Christ Sala Borromini, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Rome (Italy)

Second Public Program, “Talk about Christ”. Rome (Italy), 9 September 1983.
I bow to all the seekers of reality. To know the reality is only possible if you’re connected with your spirit. Without that, whatever you know is all on human level.
Now, somebody asked Me a question, that if you just say, “’Hail Mary’ or if you say Lord’s Prayer, then will it not also allow the plants to grow?” Now it is our experience that it did not do anything by saying, […]

Public Program Day 1 Sala Borromini, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, Rome (Italy)

Public Program. Rome (Italy), 8 September 1983.
I bow to all the seekers of truth.
Today is a great auspicious day where I’m here on the birthday of Mother Mary, but today I am going to talk to you about reality and about truth. Whatever is the truth is to be known through the light of your Spirit.
You can see in this world, in these modern times, we have developed so many sorts of things which proclaim that they know the truth. […]

Public Program Rome (Italy)

Public Program. Rome (Italy), 29 April 1982.
All the seekers of truth, I bow.
I have told you before during last two days, about the different energies that run within us and also the subtle centers who manifest with those centers outside, except for two. Today I will tell you about the remaining two centers and about what to do after realization. As you know, today is the last day and tomorrow I have to leave and next time I’m sure I’ll come for a week to meet you all again. […]

2nd Public Program Rome (Italy)

2nd Pubblic Program april 28th 1982 Roma,Italy

I bow to all the seekers of truth Yesterday I gave you an introduction to the spontaneous happening of self-realization through Sahaja yoga. there is no other method than the spontaneous and the living process. as all the seeds sprout the same way, in the same manner, your awakening also takes the same way. today especially as asked by someone I would like to tell you ABOUT THE ASPECT OF THE DEITIES ON THESE Centers. […]

1st Public Program Rome (Italy)

Public Program. Rome (Italy), 28 April 1982.
YOGINI: ( says some words in Italian, she translates the whole speech )
Shri Mataji: Now to cure this liver we have to take lots of carbon-hydrates. And best is white sugar, if it is vibrated. Now Doctors always say that ‘don’t take sugar’. You cannot have a general treatment like that for everyone, because everybody is different and different problems. Those people who have liver-trouble must take sugar – which is vibrated. […]

Conversation Ruth’s Apartment, Rome (Italy)

[The William Blake song, “Jerusalem”, is sung.]
[unclear] prediction. Specially it’s a prediction about the house. I don’t know if you have read all that, this house that we are going to be building is says that at the back of Kensington Garden, then there’s a brook there who was called as so Twyburn which flows just under our house. Somewhere there, used to flow. A house will be decorated and the earth like humility will give the base as sort of very good [unclear] the whole thing is. […]

Conversation, About Children Ruth’s Apartment, Rome (Italy)

Shri Mataji: [unclear] I thought there was a big gap in my travelling now. Coming from India, I had some rest. [Where has Wilson gone?/It’s very nice and warm] London was very warm. How are you? I asked her. She said she’s here. How are you feeling? May God bless you.
Am I supposed to sit there?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, Mother.
Shri Mataji: It’s too much, beautiful all right. [He is busy/it’s beautiful.] So beautiful it is. […]