Bhajans and Talk about Children and Indian School (Evening) Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy)

Transcript, Talk About Children and Indian School, 1991-02-14 or 1986-05-04

[note for 1986-05-04 date – I would suggest that the date of the talk would be later than that attributed to it as the children are already in India when Shri Mataji is speaking, and I think they first went to India a little later than this]

I wanted to tell you about our schools in India and what is our idea is about those schools. […]

Bhajans and Talk About Divine Love Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy)

“About Divine Love”. Rome ashram (Pichini) (Italy), 22 February 1991.

You are singing so beautifully. It seems your heart has opened after this Puja very much and you’re singing like small children now. So sort of, all the conditionings we have had, all the ego also there, it seems now you have become very pure all these problems have gone away and you are enjoying yourselves. This is the best way, when we love ourselves, we know ourselves we become love. […]

Easter Puja: Materialism Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy)

Easter Puja,  Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy), April 19th, 1987

Happy Easter to all of you!

It’s a great day to come to Rome to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Now we have to do the Resurrection of Christianity, which is just moving in the opposite direction of Christ’s Resurrection.

As you know that Christ was just Chaitanya, but He came in the body of Chaitanya. The whole body was made of Chaitanya, and He resurrected Himself to show to the world that you can resurrect yourself also, […]

Interview by Gregorie Ashram of Pichini, Rome (Italy)

1985-0518. The Interview was recorded in the Pichini ashram the day before the Ganesha puja 1985. It was an interview to be passed later on in a private TV

Shri Mataji: You can remove this. 

Gregorie: He will also a bit too mysterious. Unclear (Greudo), So, listen Laura you can sit on that.

So, Shri Mataji, the idea is the following is that I would perhaps just introduce a little bit the thing and then I would ask you the question of the theme of the relationship of motherhood and spirituality. […]