Find out the essence of every religion Auckland Town Hall, Auckland (New Zealand)

Public Program. Auckland Town Hall (New Zealand). 11 April 1994.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.At the very outset, I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot describe it, you cannot conceptualise it, you cannot purchase it. It has been, it is and it will be. Now whatever I am going to tell you today please do not believe me blindfolded. We have had lots of problems with blind faith. […]

Shri Mahamaya Puja: We Are All In Her Body Auckland (New Zealand)

Shri Mahamaya Puja, Auckland (New Zealand), 10 April 1994.

Today is the first day, New Year’s Day, according to the Shalivahana Calendar, who were My forefathers. And in the whole of Maharashtra, it is regarded as the New Year Day and the best day to start anything. So today I’ve decided to have Mahamaya Puja.I have never talked about Mahamaya, as it is not to be talked or told – it’s a secret, as they say. […]

Departure and Conversation Christchurch International Airport, Christchurch (New Zealand)

1992-0226 Departure and Conversation, Christchurch International Airport, N.Z. 

Shri Mataji:  (speaking to a little girl as She pins a SY badge on her frock)

         Alright? What are you doing? What is it? Don’t take out. The frock will (..unclear)

Shri Mataji takes off the badge and gives it to the child’s mother, saying something about the child….. (unclear).

Brian, the New Zealand leader, comes to speak to Shri Mataji:

Brian:  Shri Mataji, the point that we were discussing this morning, […]

Until you know about the chakras you cannot know yourself Christchurch (New Zealand)

Public Program, Christchurch (New Zealand), 26 February 1992.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot transform it and we cannot know the absolute truth at this human awareness. So we have to become something subtler. As Christ has said you are to be born again. Doesn’t mean we can brand ourselves as born again but is a happening of becoming something else than what you are. […]

Talk After Film Henry V Christchurch (New Zealand)

Talk After Film (Henry V). Christchurch, New Zealand, 25 February 1992.

If they take to modern writers, then they are really horrible and they just very vulgar, extremely vulgar, very superficial. Sadly they are doing Shakespeare like this, [inaudible] be successful. And you see how he has avoided all the pomp and show of the courts and all that, just focusing on them, with the light and  Rembrandt style, too much of…

Yogi: Mother, how did You cause the miracle? […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Religion is Within Christchurch (New Zealand)

Talk to Yogis. Christchurch (New Zealand), 25 February 1992.

So I am very very happy to come to Christchurch, and this the first time I’m coming here. I am happy there are so many people already who are Sahaja Yogis, and, who are deep seekers. In the beginning we have certain labor pains as they say, and one has to be very, patient with people who are coming. Now after My program there will be many others who will be coming. […]

What is the Absolute Truth? Auckland (New Zealand)

Public Program. Auckland, New Zealand, 24 February 1992.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You cannot transform it. And you cannot conceptualize it. Also, unfortunately, at human awareness, you cannot know it. Something has to happen to our awareness as told by all the scriptures that you have to become the Spirit. Unless and until you become the Spirit you cannot know the truth. […]

Shri Mahasaraswati Puja: A subtler attitude towards creativity Auckland (New Zealand)

Shri Mahasaraswati Puja, Auckland (New Zealand), 23 February 1992.

I see many more New Zealanders, very happy to see all of you here.

Today I thought we should have Mahasaraswati’s Puja. Would be a good idea, Because we did Mahalakshmi, let’s have Mahasaraswati. So, Mahasaraswati Principle is on the right side as you all know. First is the Brahmadeva’s Principle, which is the Saraswati Principle, and then this Mahasaraswati takes you to the principle of Mahabrahmadeva called as Hiranyagarbha. […]

Public Program (New Zealand)

1991–0409 – Public Program – New Zealand

Can you hear me please? All of you at the back? Its alright. 

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. As the very out said we have to know that Truth is what it is. We cannot change it; we cannot organize it; we can conceptualize it and also unfortunately we cannot know it at our human awareness. One has to become the Spirit to know the Truth. […]

Shri Gauri Puja Auckland (New Zealand)

Shri Gauri Puja, Auckland (New Zealand), 8 April 1991.
Gauri is the mother of Shri Ganesha and She produced Shri Ganesha because She was having a bath, and to protect Her chastity She created Shri Ganesha.
In the same way, Kundalini is the Gauri and we have got Ganesha sitting in the Mooladhara Chakra. So we have Mooladhara as the abode of the Gauri, of Kundalini, and the protection of the Kundalini is done by Shri Ganesha. […]

Thinking and How we trigger a cancer Auckland (New Zealand)

1990-0314  Public Program Day 2, Auckland, New Zealand

For example, we work very hard, think too hard, you are right sided; to compensate for it, we take , say, slipping pills or may be drinks, or something like that, just to compensate. We can’t bear it, too much on the right. But that doesn’t give you help, because you swing from one end to another. So, in the center you have to move, and for that, […]

A new awareness: collective consciousness Auckland (New Zealand)

Public Program Day 1, Auckland 13th March, 1990

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

While seeking the truth we have to realise that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot manipulate it, we cannot conceptualise it but we have to accept [it] as it is. 

The truth is to be understood as it is. So whatever he [Brian Bell, who introduced the subtle system before Shri Mataji’s talk] has told you today need not be accepted, […]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: It is very difficult to trigger things if there’s no perfect instrument Auckland (New Zealand)

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja in Auckland, New Zealand, 12 March 1990.

I’m very happy to be here with you, after such a long time and I missed you all very much. I know you are very far away from the rest of them but you are always in My heart and you shouldn’t worry about the distance. We have to realize that we have entered into a new, a…. This kind of hands you should [HAVE, HAND], […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: First understand vibrations clearly Auckland (New Zealand)

“First understand vibrations clearly,” Shri Ganesha puja, Auckland (New Zealand), 16th May 1987
But some of them are very good and some of them are very nice, mild people. 
Yogi: The tribes in Maharashtra have become very good now. Very good.
Mother: (Marathi)
Yogi: Some of the hills are in Maharashtra, near Amravati. But it is connected. Amravati, Vashi.
Mother: Pan Marathi boltat te log? (Marathi: But do those people speak Marathi?)
Yogi: Nahi tenche logon nahi boltat. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Havan Auckland (New Zealand)

1987-05-16  Talk to yogis after havan, Auckland

Shri Mataji: Oh you brought it all the way. Done the havan. The havan is done now? Let me see, what is the situation. 

[Shri Mataji vibrates havan]

Shri Mataji: Put [in] all the fruits and everything.

Yogi in the audience: Oh, She’s taking her shoes off.

[Shri Mataji converses in Hindi]

Shri Mataji:  Oh, be seated. Still the heaviness of the puja is there.

Shri Mataji: Much clearer. […]

Know about our root Auckland (New Zealand)

Public program held in Auckland (New Zealand). 16 May 1987.

Sahaja Yogi: Collectivity is the essence of this change, this particular time now.

I mentioned before that, that in the past, how Realization has been gained individually. Now, this time around, is the possibility of it being gained collectively, through the grace of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Do you want me to talk anymore, Mother? – Should I talk anymore? Shri Mataji: Yes, please. It’s all right. […]

Our own intellect can destroy us Auckland (New Zealand)

Public Program Day 2

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

What is truth we do not know. We have our own concept about truth. With our mental projections we think truth is that we are human beings, that we have to live on this earth, look after our children, look after the family, live well and die, that’s all. We do not know the truth is that we are the Spirit. That we have experienced yesterday that you are the Spirit. […]

The reality has to work within ourselves Auckland (New Zealand)

Public Programme Day 1, AUCKLAND (New Zealand) 5th March 1985

I bow to all the seekers of truth. This is for the first time I’ve come to New Zealand because there were some people who came down to India and got their self-realization, who said there are many seekers on this island and that I should visit this place.

I find there are many seekers, no doubt, but many are misguided, some
are embedded in the conditioning of different religions, […]

Conversation Auckland (New Zealand)

Informal Talk, Centre in Auckland, New Zealand 1985-03-04

[UNCLEAR] very close to Left Swadishthan, very close to Left Swadishthan.

See this [UNCLEAR N INAUDIBLE] – We’ve felt quite often we have our open right heart. – Right heart? Right heart will be those people, who came and killed many people This was a major center of colonizing [UNCLEAR] – the organizing for the colonizing of countries started from this. It was all… – Did they come here to the Spaniards or…? […]