Public Program with an Ad-hoc Outside Press Interview on Arrival Bucharest, Polyvalent Hall (Romania)

Public Program, Bucharest (Romania), 1 July 1996.
Arrival at the venue for the Public Program
Two lady reporters interview Shri Mataji. Sahaja Yogi translates what the first reporter asks:
Reporter: At Your birth it was something happened in the ward or in Your family or in the town You were born?
Shri Mataji: I have so many things, so many. I have so many things that happened.
Reporter: One example.
Shri Mataji: You see, many people had said they saw signs. […]

Musical Evening Bucharest, Sala Constructorul (Romania)

Musical Evening Speech, Bucharest (Romania), 2 August 1995.
We have had such a nice music from our Romanian Sahaja Yogis. There’s some sort of a musical atmosphere in Romania, I think. Because when you all sing also, you sing it in a very melodious tune. Like celestial music, that was sung long time back, I feel has come back to Romania.
They used to say, that the music that was appealing to God was done by gandharvas and I find those gandharvas are in Romania only. […]

Medical Conference Bucharest, Ecological University of Bucharest (Romania)

Medical Conference, Ecological University of Bucharest (Romania), 2 August 1995.
So all the professors, the Vice Chancellor who was so kind to invite Me here to talk to you about something which is very different, I would say in a way, very different from the medical science I have studied. I would not call it different but it is, I would say, it is the basis of our medicine. For example if you want to treat the tree for its sickness and you start applying things from outside it doesn’t work out so well. […]

Sahaja Yoga is the power of compassion and love of God Almighty Bucharest, Polyvalent Hall (Romania)

Public Program. Bucharest (Romania), 1 August 1995.

I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis and all the seekers of truth. It seems Romania is a special place where there are so many seekers of truth. And very deep and truthful they are about it. Sahaja Yoga is the power of compassion and love of God Almighty. But it’s not just talk, just not giving you a lecture or a sermon, but it is actualization of the experience of this Divine Love. […]

Kundalini creates the space between the thoughts Bucharest, Polyvalent Hall (Romania)

Public Program, Bucharest (Romania), 2 September 1994.

Please be seated. I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that Truth is what it is. You cannot describe it, you cannot transform it and you cannot give a sermon about it. You have to know it on your central nervous system. In Sanskrit the word used is “bodha”, meaning “to be enlightened”. [AGAIN], another word is known as “vidya” […]

The one enjoyment in the bliss of God Bucharest, Polyvalent Hall (Romania)

Public Program. Bucharest (Romania), 7 September 1993.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. At the very outset, we have to know that Truth is what it is. We cannot change it and we cannot conceptualize it. It has to be felt, on your central nervous system. As an evolutionary process, whatever we have achieved, we can feel it on our central nervous system. In Sanskrit the word is Bodha. It cannot be understood by mental projections or by reading books. […]

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis around Bucharest, Elisabeta Palace (Romania)

Yogini: We hoped you really like that Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: So Beautiful.

Yogi: Thank you, Mother.

Shri Mataji: It’s beautiful. Thank you very much. This cannot be opened out?

Inaudible, laughter.

Shri Mataji: I see, so this you can bring it.

Yogini: Yes.

Shri Mataji: This is for yourself?

Yogi’s: No, (unclear).

Shri Mataji: How much time more?

Yogini: Ten minutes after them, ten minutes after them.

Another Yogini: Ten!

Yogini: So we have to not leave in one hour. […]

Arriving at and Visiting the Sahaja Yoga Exhibition Bucharest, National Museum of Romanian History (Romania)

Talk at Sahaja Yoga Exhibition, Bucharest (Romania), 22 July 1992
The talk starts at 00:18:30
Very happy to meet all of you again here. I’m sorry I’m here for a very short time, but I have to travel to many countries. You people are something very unique type of Sahaja Yogis. Everybody is impressed the way you know all the songs by heart and the pronunciations also are so accurate. I hope you understand the meaning of these. […]

Every human being is born with this potential faith in Divinity Bucharest, Polyvalent Hall (Romania)

Public Program. Bucharest (Romania), 21 July 1992.

…It has to happen to you. It’s described in all the Scriptures that you are to be born again and every human being is born with this potential faith in Divinity.

Whatever one may try to attack it, it exists there all the time. So, potentially you are all divine and the truth is that you are the Spirit. But gradually how our faith is challenged, in these modern times there are so many ways our faith is challenged. […]

Press Conference Bucharest, Sala Palatului (Romania)

Press Conference. Bucharest (Romania), 17 October 1990.
[BEGINNING MISSING] …and in our body also everything is controlled. Our nose grows to a certain point, eyes grow to a certain point. So it regulates, organizes. It’s the most efficient organization. Sitting down here you can feel the vibrations of any person whether dead or alive. Because it is the causal of the subtle of ether also and we ourselves become like a computer. Whatever you want to know you can know on your fingertips. […]

The Power of Pure Love Bucharest, Sala Palatului (Romania)

Public Program Day 1. Bucharest (Romania), 16 October 1990.

[MISSING FROM THE RECORDED SPEECH]All of you have had it. When the Spirit shines in your attention, the attention becomes very powerful and we have never used the power of love, of pure love. The pure love is like a sap in the tree. And it goes to the various parts of the tree. It nourishes all the parts of the tree. But supposing it gets attached to any flower or any fruit, […]