Talk to Scientists Leningrad (Russia)

“Talk To Scientists,” Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), (Russia)

 …one electromagnetic energy that you have, what we call as a ‘prana’ – means all the energy from five elements. It has the energy by which we are today human beings from amoeba. And it has the energy which creates desires within us. It has the energy that can cure us and redeems us. And it has the energy that can give us powers so we can do living work. […]

Shri Buddha Puja Leningrad (Russia)

Shri Buddha Puja, May 14th, 1990, St Peterburg, Russia

As you know Sahaja Yoga is not an organised or that kind of an organisation. Because it’s a living process and all those who come to Sahaja Yoga like they have come to some Holy river [alleviate] purify and then become sahaja yogis. So one should be very careful as not to be irresponsible about oneself first of all and about the collective.

We have [ ] there is no power or no tradition or place to during Sahaja Yoga. […]

Public Program Day 1: Truth is self-supporting Leningrad (Russia)

Public program. Leningrad (Russia), 18 August 1989.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

One has to realize that Truth is what it is. You cannot conceptualize it. You cannot organize it. And you cannot maneuver it. It is self-supporting. Now before you I have to put the theory, you can call it, or a hypothesis about what is within ourselves. In a subtle form, what we have inside and outside. We see everything – […]