Public Program Day 2 Madrid, Colegio Mayor Roncalli (Spain)

Public Program Day 2, Madrid, Spain, 18-05-1988

… So just now it should be taken as a hypothesis. And if it works out then you have to accept it as final truth. In your human awareness whatever we know is through our central nervous system. So for example, if you have to go through a dirty road you cannot go because there is dirt, you can smell it and you don’t like it. But a dog or a horse can easily go through without feeling anything about it. […]

Public Program Day 1 Madrid, Colegio Mayor Roncalli (Spain)

Public Program Day 1, Madrid, Spain, 17-05-1988

… It is going for you to be little bit better off materially so that you could seek something beyond. And I think Spain has now materially improved a lot. And the seeking of the beyond should be there. 

But very amazing thing I must tell you that first time when I came I was staying with the Ambassador of India and I met your Queen in a dinner party. […]

Conversation Before Public Program Madrid (Spain)

1988-05-17 Before Public Program, Madrid Roncali, Spain

Shri Mataji: Yes, Good, Let us see- If my sound also comes into it…That would be best if the sound is there …Because the one Ganesh has done was very beautiful, very nice, beautiful photographs…I think you have to be a good Sahaja yogi to get good photographs… Is it? That’s important …Is that send you this? This thing …Garland …Sahaja yogi: No idea, I don’t knowShri Mataji: Ganesh did …He said it …Give them all the things …Beautiful…See the light at the top of the Agnya …Sahaja yogi: HmmShri Mataji: Very beautiful photos has come …Very Motherly!This is the another one …2 of them are shining …[unclear]Very beautiful! […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: Materialism Madrid (Spain)

Shri Ganesha Puja, Madrid (Spain), 6 November 1987.
So today we have come here to Spain and there are so many other Spanish Sahaj Yogis here and you all have met them, by that they are very much strengthened in Sahaja Yoga that they feel that they have brothers and sisters all over the world, because in Spain there are very few Sahaj Yogis and they feel quite lost, because they are so few; but by your coming here it is a kind of a one hand helping another hand. […]

Public Program Day 2 Madrid (Spain)

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
Yesterday as I told you, this is the knowledge of the roots. We have the knowledge of the tree. But if the tree grows and grows and does not pay attention to its roots, then there is always a definite stage where the tree gets destroyed. So the destruction is not going to come to us from outside. It is going to work out from within ourselves. […]

Public Program Day 1 Madrid (Spain)

1st Public Program and Kundalini Awakening
05 November 1987- Madrid, Spain
I bow to all the seekers of truth. But when we talk of truth, we have to understand that truth is what it is. We cannot organize it, we cannot mentally conceive it. It is what it is. In our arrogance if we try to propound something as truth it will be very easily shown and exposed that it is not. Truth is subtler. […]

The Importance of Puja Madrid (Spain)

The Importance of Puja, Madrid (Spain), 24 May 1986.
Today I will tell you of the importance of puja.
Even among the the early Christians they used to do Puja of the adoration of Shri Mary’s statues and also to stained glass windows that had images of the Mother and Christ.
Later on, people became more rational and no longer understood the importance of Puja and as they could not explain it they gave up regular worship and the glorifying of the Puja. […]

Public Program Day 2 Madrid, Colegio Mayor Universitario Isabel de Espana (Spain)

Public program day 2, Madrid, Spain, 23-05-1986

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

You have been told these three nadis within us, three channels. And also we have a booklet in which you can read about the subtle centers which are within us. But today I think I should tell you about the nature of the Spirit.

The Spirit as I told you yesterday is a reflection of God Almighty within us in our heart. […]

Public Program Day 1 Madrid, Colegio Mayor Universitario Isabel de Espana (Spain)

Public program, Madrid, Spain 22-05-1986

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

And the truth has to be honestly understood. It cannot be comprehended, it cannot be organized, it cannot be asked for – it is what it is. Actually the truth is the thing that you must feel on your central nervous system, like you can feel hot and cold. The mental conception and the mental projection by which we try to establish truth is always exploded as untruth. […]

Welcome Puja Madrid (Spain)

Welcome Puja Talk, Madrid, Spain, 22d of May, 1986

God bless you all. Oh! Beautiful. You are all already here. You
arrived by some other side or what? You cam, Mark? [Shri Mataji is


Mataji: You’re quite in time. We were worried about you they are
going to do the same to you


Mataji: Because they didn’t inform about us correctly so I was
wondering whether they are going to do the same to you. […]

Puja Madrid (Spain)

1985-06-27 Puja in Madrid
Just rub on My Feet. Rub with both the hands. Rub your hands; rub your hands. Now, see yourself. Now see your vibrations, now see. Got it? All right!
Now, let’s have the third, second, three persons. May God bless you!
Yogi: The restaurant belongs to this lady.
Shri Mataji: Yes,yes, I know. She came to Me, she was weeping..
Rub it now; rub it; rub it. See, just rub your hands, […]

Public Program Day 2 Madrid, Colegio Mayor Chaminade (Spain)

Public Program Day 2, Madrid, 1985-0627

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I am happy that you people have read something about seeking and about Indian thought. The climate in India is so good and congenial that people don’t have to worry about say from the cold, or dust and all those things which people have to face in other countries. You can live under a tree and you are all right. And so the people started seeking inside not outside, […]

Public Program Day 1 Madrid, Colegio Mayor Chaminade (Spain)

Public Program Day 1, Colegio Mayor Chaminade, Madrid (Spain) Wednesday, June 26th, 1985

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

When we say we are seeking the truth, we have to know that it is not a mental projection that we are seeking. Nor it is an emotional projection. Truth exists beyond emotional and mental projections. In the evolutionary process that we have become human beings, whatever we have known as truth, is expressed on our central nervous system. […]

Conversation With Joseph At Lunch Madrid (Spain)

Conversation With Joseph At Lunch, Madrid (Spain)
[The seeker Joseph will be speaking in Spanish and a Sahaja Yogi will translate]
Shri Mataji: Hello.
Joseph (seeker) : Hello.
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. You give him bandhan. Something or you give the booklet.
May God Bless You.
Shri Mataji: Just a minute. We’ll come, we’ll come. Now the second center of Swadishthan. Swadishthan, second center moves all over.
Shri Mataji: No, No. That is third center. You see the second center. […]

Morning meeting Madrid (Spain)

Conversation. Madrid (Spain), 3 June 1982.
See there is a difference between an incarnation and a realized soul. Now, incarnation among all these was Shirdi Sai Nath. Shirdi Sai Nath was. So only you must bow to an incarnation and not to somebody who is realized soul. You can tell. Later we can say at the time of Christ, John the Baptist was a realized soul only and Christ was an incarnation. And His mother was a Holy Ghost incarnation. […]

Morning Conversation with Joseph, Jewels And Chakras Madrid (Spain)

Morning Conversation with Joseph, Jewels And Chakras

Seeker Joseph: Yesterday there was a person who studies Buddhism, A person not too much tall, older. Do you remember who him is? brownish, short with moustache,

Yogini, Yes

Seeker Joseph: Suddenly I got a smell of sandalwood, and I thought it came from him, but no, he did not smell like sandalwood, but there was a moment when Shri Mataji passed by me and she smelled sandalwood, and I told myself. […]

Public Program Madrid (Spain)

Public program Madrid 1982-0602

[Shri Mataji starts speaking in 21:22]

[tape 1]

I told you about the false gurus how they try to entice you, today I have to give you the main points of Sahaja Yoga, as I told you yesterday that Sahaja is a thing which is born with you, it is within it is your own premule your germinating power within yourself and that this Yoga also takes place as a living process, […]

Public Program Madrid, Embassy of India (Spain)

Public Program, 1982, June 1st – Indian Embassy in Madrid, Part 1

Now this power lies within us, it’s called as Kundalini. She lies in the triangular bone. Now look at that, this bone is even in English called, in the medical terminology, as “sacrum”. And “sacrum” means sacred, that is, in Greece people knew about it.

When I went to Greece with my husband I was really amazed because they took me to this Delphi and also to the Temple of the Primordial Mother. […]

Evening Meeting Part 2 Madrid (Spain)

Evening Meeting Part 2

Who is going to find out?

[UNCLEAR] Australia or to say your country which is very good at getting all the black money to Switzerland. [UNCLEAR] stupid things are done. What is the need to allow the money to go out of [UNCLEAR] I don’t understand cash money, you see that only has a black market. [UNCLEAR] maybe taxation binds military things. You tax someone all right, your tax for something sensible, […]

Spanish Radio Interview Madrid (Spain)

Spanish Radio Interview, 1982, June 1st Madrid


Shri Mataji: It’s the real baptism. It’s the real baptism. You actually feel the bones becoming soft, on your head, and the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost starts coming out of your head. It’s alright?

Interviewer: Yes. We will ask you how many persons practice Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: How many? In the world, lots of them. But Spain is the last place, I should say. Even we have Portugal, […]