Public Program Stadtcasino Basel, Basel (Switzerland)

Public Program, Basel (Switzerland), 9 July 1994.

[..] We cannot change it. We cannot transform it. We cannot [CAPITALIZE OR CONCEPTUALIZE?] it. We have to know it on our central nervous system. This is what is described in Sanskrit language as Budh or they call it [BODH] from which the word “Buddha”, means enlightened personality. Also, its called as [Veeda?] from where the word Vedas come from. Also, the word “Gna” as “GN” used in Sanskrit language means the knowledge – […]

Public Program Victoria Hall, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Victoria Hall, Geneva (Switzerland), 8 July 1994.

At the very outset I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot mold it, you cannot change it. It is always the same. It has been the same, it is the same, it will be the same. But to say that we know the truth and that we have the truth is really a self-deception. If you had known the absolute truth there would have been no problems and everybody would have said the same thing. […]

One has to rise above your physical, emotional and mental side University of Geneva, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 24 August 1992.

Shri Mataji: It’s all right, it’s ? I don’t need, I don’t need. It’s all right.

Shri Mataji: You can ask them, all of them, to sit; I think there are chairs here and there. Standing, what you can see here also? On the, on the? they can come on the stage. It’s a big stage, you know. They can come here, on the stage. Please come.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. […]

10th Day of Navaratri, The deities are watching you Geneva (Switzerland)

Navaratri Puja, “The deities are watching you”. Arzier, Geneva (Switzerland), 23 September 1990.
According to the calendar, this year there are ten days of Navaratri, not of nine. Nine are the days, in the night, when the Goddess had to fight the demons and to save Her children from the effects of negativity. On one side She was ocean of love and compassion, and on the other side She was protecting them like a tigress; because the times were such that nobody could meditate, […]

Evening Program before Navaratri Puja Arzier (Switzerland)

1990-09-22 Navaratri Evening Program

[Note: Here the dotted lines are depicting the Sanskrit phrase]

So when the Gods are fighting because you are present they were so emboldened by your presence that they create this big Noise and all this brings terror and astonishment in the heart of their enemies. And you keep all of these gods in the state of excitement and you proceed to battle showing great anger on your face and lift your arms which holds the deadly weapons (all the weapons are deadly weapons in the hand of the goddess to strike the demons)

Shri Mataji: This is only the one side of the goddess… you see …

Sahaja yogi: And this is again one more of the goddesses on the battlefield and you can see it ….. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Be careful about your own children Givrins Ashram, Givrins (Switzerland)

Talk Arzier, Talk on Children at Girvins Ashram (Switzerland), 21 September 1990.

And so there are many hunters who are trying to find out this castori, this musk, and they are looking they are looking for the deer. So please keep your deer, that is the innocence, you see.

The children’s innocence is now attacked, under attack, and there is such an attack coming on innocence that you have to care, be careful about your own children. […]

How to make out a real guru? Fêtes de Thônex, Thônex (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 2. Geneva (Switzerland), 19 September 1990.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. For those who have come for the first time today I have to tell them that truth is what it is and it cannot be organized and it cannot be understood or felt by this human awareness. Now the first question that is asked in practically in every program I have is this: how to make out a real master or a real guru. […]

The truth cannot be known at human awareness Fêtes de Thônex, Thônex (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 1, Switzerland, September 18, 1990

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset, we have to understand that truth is what it is.We cannot organise it.We cannot regulate it and we cannot conceal it.Also, we have to realise that truth cannot be known at human awareness.Truth has no pretensions and no drama.Whatever I am going to talk to you today, you have to listen to it with a scientific mind, […]

TV Interview Geneva (Switzerland)

TV Interview. Geneva (Switzerland), 10 August 1989.

[The interviewer speaks in Italian to Guido who translates the question to Shri Mataji.]Guido: What is a seeker, please?Shri Mataji: Seeker is a special category of human beings which are born in these modern times – whom William Blake has clearly described. And he said that men of God, at these times they will be born, and they will know divinity, and they will have power to make others also. […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: How Far To Go With Children Les Diablerets (Switzerland)

Shri Ganesha Puja, Les Diablerets (Switzerland), 8 August 1989.
Today you have come here to worship me as Shri Ganesha. We have been singing the praise of Shri Ganesha before every puja. And we have such tremendous respect for Shri Ganesh, because we have found out that unless and until Shri Ganesha, who is the symbol of our innocence, is not awakened within us, we cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. And even to stay there and to enjoy the blessings of Shri Ganesha, […]

Shri Fatima Puja: The principle of the Left Nabhi Saint-George (Switzerland)

Shri Fatima Puja, St Georges, Switzerland, 14 August 1988.

Today we have gathered to do the puja of Fatimabai, who was the symbol of Gruha Lakshmi, and so we are going to have the puja of the Gruha Lakshmi principle within us. As the housewife has to finish every work, everything in the household, and then she goes for a bath, in the same way this morning, I had to do lots of things and then I could come for your puja, […]

Evening Program Givrins Ashram, Givrins (Switzerland)

1988-0813 Musical Evening, Givrins Ashram, Switzerland

I was just telling him that you have created the great [ Ghot Indian word?] of the Adi Shakti here.And all the great minstrels of God called as Gandharvas and Yakshas and all of them are here. I wish you could take a photograph. I can see all of them in the sky feeling that “look at these great musicians”. I think they are a little jealous also. […]

You have to become a saint Geneva (Switzerland)

Public program, Geneva (Switzerland), 12 August 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday that we have to know the truth on our central nervous system. That is why in every scripture, it is written that, “You are to be born again”. You are to be born again, in the sense, a happening has to take place within you. And this happening should give you the Self-knowledge.

In every religion, […]

The Time of Resurrection Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 11 August 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The seekers of truth is a very special category of people. They’ve existed in all the centuries before also. And you find glimpses of that in many literary work. Today I read a book written by [Ayalahu ?] from Spain who was there in 1906. And he had described a seeker of truth how he became a saint.

William Blake from England, […]

Attitude of seeking and Workshop Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program, Geneva (Switzerland), 5 October 1987.

As I told you, these are modern times. And in modern times this en masse-realisation was to take place. That was to happen. In modern times only, when people get frustrated, when they get lost, they don’t know what to do, when they are deceived and cheated, then they start looking for something that is the support. This attitude of seeking was never before so much as it is today. […]

Bhajans & Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Shri Rama Puja Les Avants (Switzerland)

1987-1004: Talk after Deshera Puja, Les Avants, Switzerland

1987-1004: Talk after Deshera Puja, Les Avants, SwitzerlandFrom Sahaja Yoga Book Project

Please be seated.

Alright that’s what we have unclear(talked plus they can unclear(sing/see)) the slides. Alright, that’s good. I will have some water please.

You have covered this? or they have covered? You? (unclear) I will tell you. Wow. Thank you. So after the puja you all look so nice and fresh. I am happy that you have been able to absorb lot of vibrations. […]

Shri Rama Puja: Dassera Day Les Avants (Switzerland)

Shri Rama Puja. Les Avants (Switzerland), 4 October 1987.

Today we are celebrating in Switzerland the coronation of Shri Rama on Dassera Day. Many things happened on Dassera Day. The most important was that Shri Rama was coronated as a king on this day. He also killed Ravana on this day. Many may say that how can it be He killed Ravana and He was coronated on the same date? In those days in India, we had supersonic aeroplanes and, […]

Shri Krishna Puja: The Six Enemies And False Enemies Hostellerie am Schwarzsee, Plaffeien (Switzerland)

Shri Krishna, Schwarzsee (Switzerland), 23 August 1986.
Shri Krishna resides in our Vishuddhi Chakra.
In the centre, He resides as Shri Krishna.
On the left hand side, His power, Vishnumaya, His sister, resides. There He resides as Gopala, as the one who lived in Gokul, played as a child.
On the right hand side He resides as the King who ruled in Dwarika, the King Shri Krishna.
These are the three sides of our Vishuddhi chakra. […]

Talk about Shri Krishna (before the dinner) Hostellerie am Schwarzsee, Plaffeien (Switzerland)

Evening Talk, Shri Krishna Puja Seminar. Schwarzsee (Switzerland), 23 August 1986.

So we have decided… [A little further, should be brought little further (the microphone)], we have decided to have the puja after our dinner because Shri Krishna was born in the night, about twelve o’clock while I was born twelve o’clock in the daytime, same with Shri Rama. And also Christ was born twelve o’clock in the night.

I’ve told you that today I’m going to tell you about Gita. […]

Morning of Shri Krishna Puja seminar Hostellerie am Schwarzsee, Plaffeien (Switzerland)

Morning talk to Yogis, Krishna Puja seminar. Schwarzsee (Switzerland) 23 August 1986

It’s so gratifying and joyous to see all of you here, today, assembled to do Shri Krishna Puja.

Can you hear Me there? No? Can’t hear.

Gregoire: Phil, can you connect the back…

Shri Mataji: To see so many Sahaja Yogis assembled here, I’m sure the devil must have run away long time back.

And the caravan must have left but I hope we are aware of it and we forget about our fears of our catches, […]

Havan with new people Weggis (Switzerland)

Havan, Weggis (Switzerland), October 20th, 1985

What a beautiful place! We don’t have something like this in London or in England. Beautiful! I wonder if you have any cable car. Do we have in England any cable car?Sahaja Yogi: In Scotland.Shri Mataji: We have?Sahaja Yogi: In Wales.Shri Mataji: Very beautiful. Hello, how are you?

Something like Bogota, so far.Best place to come for honey moon. Beautiful.Shri Mataji: What a place to come! Olympia, what a beautiful place, […]

6th Day of Navaratri, Complete dedication Weggis (Switzerland)

Navaratri puja. Weggis (Switzerland), 19 October 1985.

Today is a great day of Navaratri, we are sitting on the cusp of the sixth and the seventh. Sixth and the seventh is the day when Mahasaraswati finished Her work and the incarnation of the Shakti itself started. So, at twelve o’clock today the Devi takes the Shakti upon Herself.

Of course, as you know, that Mahakali and Mahasaraswati, both are the powers of Shri Sadashiva. Adi Shakti first formed Herself into Mahakali, […]

Farewell Puja Founex Ashram, Founex (Switzerland)

Farewell Puja,  Founex,  Switzerland  14 June 1985
What’s it? Now, who is going to play that? That’s great. Sit down. Sit down. Ah, the roses have grown in sizes. Do you see that?
Yogi: Huge, Mataji. They are huge.
But they are growing in size. Your vibrations I think. All right. So now.
I’m sorry we had to do this hurried up thing today. And with the situations one has to adjust, that is what is the situation is today. […]

All great Incarnations are just one Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 13 June 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

We are here to know about the truth. First through our mental understanding and then through our experience, to prove everything that you have heard so far. But the minds are very conditioned. Like in India, when you talk about Christ to Hindus, say that Christ is based and placed in the Agnya chakra, they think that I’m trying to spread Christianity, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: it’s a very great fight I have started with the satanic forces and negativity Neuchatel (Switzerland)

Neuchatel (Switzerland), 12 June 1985.

Sahaja Yogi: Flowers, I am sure the weddings of last year worked out such tremendous…

Shri Mataji: Effects.

Sahaja Yogi: Size of flowers.

Shri Mataji: I have been very anxious to meet you all together, all the Sahaja Yogis of Switzerland. Now the reason for that is, this time when I came I found so many beautiful people at the airport and some of them I’ve not met, I felt, before. […]

The Truth Has Two Sides Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva Public programme 11th June 1985

‘The Truth has Two Sides’

 I bow to all the seekers of truth.

But the truth has two sides: the illusion that we see can look like truth, and the essence of the illusion also may appear to be truth. But the other side is absolute and has to be felt, has to be experienced on your central nervous system. It’s not a mental projection that we can think of, […]

Become an instrument of the divine power  Founex (Switzerland)

Public Program. Founex (Switzerland), 11 June 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Today we have a new generation of people what we call the people who are seekers. These are some special category who are seeking something beyond. They are seeking the truth as they say. But what is the truth? What are you seeking? As I told yesterday in Geneva that whatever you are seeking has to be something sensible. It cannot be something nonsensical, […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: Four Oaths Hotel Riffelberg, Zermatt (Switzerland)

Shri Ganesha Puja, Riffelberg (Switzerland), 2 September 1984.

My Joy knows no bounds when we have come to worship this holy mountain which we have named as GANARAJ. Sometimes the words are not sufficient to hold the outpour of your Joy.

I come to you as a symbol of your Mother, but the first son who was created was Shri Ganesh. And then, when the Mother Earth was created as a symbol of motherhood, She created many Shri Ganeshas in this universe. […]

Evening Program before Shri Ganesha Puja and Talk: Count your Blessings every moment Hotel Riffelberg, Zermatt (Switzerland)

“Count your Blessings every moment” (talk before musical evening). Riffelberg (Switzerland), 1 September 1984.

Only about an hour back I was telling that perhaps the Sahaja Yogis don’t realise, even materially’, how Divine is looking after them. And what are they’ doing about it ?

They have so many, still, many identifications, and they are not fully identified with the Divine, that Divine is so much identified with you. This is definitely such a great miracle, […]

In Sahaja Yoga all religions are true Lausanne (Switzerland)

Public Program. Lausanne (Switzerland), 30 August 1984.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

It’s such a great pleasure to see so many people in Lausanne who are seekers and have come to know, here, about the truth. Can you hear him? Is it all right or muffled? Muffled. Little bit, I think, should be further. Just put it right.

These are special times, we must understand, when there are thousands of people who are feeling the urge to seek beyond. […]

At the human level we try to seek Truth through our mental projection Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Programme Day 1. Geneva (Switzerland), 28 August 1984.

At The Human Level We Try To Seek Truth Through Our Mental Projection

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

I’m sorry, I could not come yesterday and I hope today we’ll be able to do something for ourselves.

When we talk of Truth, we have to know that at the human level we try to seek Truth through our mental projection or through our emotional understanding. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Founex Ashram, Founex (Switzerland)

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis in Founex Ashram, Founex (Switzerland), 07/18/1984

[Unclear, talking about the child who is sick]Shri Mataji: I think your child has this trouble, German measles [or rubella].Sahaja Yogini: I don’t know the translation in English, Mother.Shri Mataji: But it gets reddish.Sahaja Yogini: Yes.Shri Mataji: It’s that thing.Sahaja Yogini: And it came to the third month.Shri Mataji: Ah. So, I don’t think the you should have the child with you for some time. Somebody else should look after the child. […]

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis: Take vibrations Founex Ashram, Founex (Switzerland)

Private conversation in Founex ashram, 1984

Shri Mataji: The situation is the same as I have in my house [with so many flowers].All right, now you sit down. So, today I was explaining, in my bedroom, to some of the Sahaja Yogis how this universe is created. And they said, “You should tell about his to us, in the evening”. But, after diner, most are in digestion, is it worth it? Carol wanted to show off the watch that my children have given me. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: God has given you a new personality of vibrations Founex Ashram, Founex (Switzerland)

Is this the normal size? Not at all. (Yogi: special size). So. Very good. How are you? How was the Guru Puja for you? 

Ah Markandeya! Hello, how are you? How is your trouble? Is he alright? 

(Brigitte: Yes Shri Mataji, he is alright)

Oh, thank you very much Markandeya. Thank you. 


Where should we put this? Beautiful. Is this from the school? 

The situation is the same as I have in My house. Alright, […]