Public Program Victoria Hall, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Victoria Hall, Geneva (Switzerland), 8 July 1994.

At the very outset I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot mold it, you cannot change it. It is always the same. It has been the same, it is the same, it will be the same. But to say that we know the truth and that we have the truth is really a self-deception. If you had known the absolute truth there would have been no problems and everybody would have said the same thing. […]

One has to rise above your physical, emotional and mental side University of Geneva, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 24 August 1992.

Shri Mataji: It’s all right, it’s ? I don’t need, I don’t need. It’s all right.

Shri Mataji: You can ask them, all of them, to sit; I think there are chairs here and there. Standing, what you can see here also? On the, on the? they can come on the stage. It’s a big stage, you know. They can come here, on the stage. Please come.

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. […]

10th Day of Navaratri, The deities are watching you Geneva (Switzerland)

Navaratri Puja, “The deities are watching you”. Arzier, Geneva (Switzerland), 23 September 1990.
According to the calendar, this year there are ten days of Navaratri, not of nine. Nine are the days, in the night, when the Goddess had to fight the demons and to save Her children from the effects of negativity. On one side She was ocean of love and compassion, and on the other side She was protecting them like a tigress; because the times were such that nobody could meditate, […]

TV Interview Geneva (Switzerland)

TV Interview. Geneva (Switzerland), 10 August 1989.

[The interviewer speaks in Italian to Guido who translates the question to Shri Mataji.]Guido: What is a seeker, please?Shri Mataji: Seeker is a special category of human beings which are born in these modern times – whom William Blake has clearly described. And he said that men of God, at these times they will be born, and they will know divinity, and they will have power to make others also. […]

You have to become a saint Geneva (Switzerland)

Public program, Geneva (Switzerland), 12 August 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday that we have to know the truth on our central nervous system. That is why in every scripture, it is written that, “You are to be born again”. You are to be born again, in the sense, a happening has to take place within you. And this happening should give you the Self-knowledge.

In every religion, […]

The Time of Resurrection Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 11 August 1988.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. The seekers of truth is a very special category of people. They’ve existed in all the centuries before also. And you find glimpses of that in many literary work. Today I read a book written by [Ayalahu ?] from Spain who was there in 1906. And he had described a seeker of truth how he became a saint.

William Blake from England, […]

Attitude of seeking and Workshop Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program, Geneva (Switzerland), 5 October 1987.

As I told you, these are modern times. And in modern times this en masse-realisation was to take place. That was to happen. In modern times only, when people get frustrated, when they get lost, they don’t know what to do, when they are deceived and cheated, then they start looking for something that is the support. This attitude of seeking was never before so much as it is today. […]

All great Incarnations are just one Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 13 June 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

We are here to know about the truth. First through our mental understanding and then through our experience, to prove everything that you have heard so far. But the minds are very conditioned. Like in India, when you talk about Christ to Hindus, say that Christ is based and placed in the Agnya chakra, they think that I’m trying to spread Christianity, […]

The Truth Has Two Sides Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva Public programme 11th June 1985

‘The Truth has Two Sides’

 I bow to all the seekers of truth.

But the truth has two sides: the illusion that we see can look like truth, and the essence of the illusion also may appear to be truth. But the other side is absolute and has to be felt, has to be experienced on your central nervous system. It’s not a mental projection that we can think of, […]

At the human level we try to seek Truth through our mental projection Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Programme Day 1. Geneva (Switzerland), 28 August 1984.

At The Human Level We Try To Seek Truth Through Our Mental Projection

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

I’m sorry, I could not come yesterday and I hope today we’ll be able to do something for ourselves.

When we talk of Truth, we have to know that at the human level we try to seek Truth through our mental projection or through our emotional understanding. […]

When you become the spirit, actualization takes place Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 3, Geneva, Switzerland, 31.08.1983

I Bow to all the seekers of Truth

Within us lies the truth, it is said in all the scriptures, where does it lie? Nobody has told so far exactly where it lies. You must have realized from Armour’s lecture that he is Swiss, and he has become such an expert on Kundalini Yoga. There are many young people, very young, who come to Sahaja Yoga, and within a month, […]

The roots of human beings Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program day 2. Geneva (Switzerland), 30 August 1983.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Yesterday we saw the general aspect of Sahaja Yoga and how these modern times are connected to the future and to the past, because if it is a living process of evolution then it is a continuous process intermittent with transformations. But we human beings believe that whatever we achieve through our mental projection is the transformation. For example, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Geneva (Switzerland)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi talking to the Sahaja yogis during an Entertainment Program, Switzerland

Shri Mataji: And the road …Yogi: Mother, actually this place is colder …I am also impressedShri Mataji: That’s what I say, it’s a fact. And the street which has a cool breeze. It’s such an expression of the unconscious as to what we are going to do in this place. Even When you get your realization, you are still sometimes in a growing stage up to a point Like you are by the mother earth all the time but you are not aware of it. […]

Human consciousness is a product of a living process Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 1, 1983-08-29, Geneva

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Every moment has got a past and a future. Everything has got a history and a future that is going to follow. Today we are here at this moment and we have to look at every problem in relation to this time. The understanding of consciousness has to be understood in all its aspect, and at this period of complete integration it is easy to relate it to every movement of our mind. […]

Radio Interview Geneva (Switzerland)

Shri Mataji: [? but] important that we still linger on with other trips, like [? ego trips)]. So if somebody talks big we believe him. These people are money-oriented and they have lots of money and they can put in advertisements and we get impressed by [unclear]. Recently, to My surprise, I discovered that in England they have something called “chequebook journalism”. 

Sahaja Yogi (to Swiss translator): It means that the journalist – I don’t know if it’s true – that there is payment made to journalists for reporting according to what they personally want.  […]

Radio 74 Interview Geneva (Switzerland)

1983-08-24 Radio 74 Interview (Geneva) Part 1 and 2.

Lady interviewer:  Could you join me now in a very cordial and very special welcome to Shri Mataji.  A great welcome to You.

Shri Mataji:  Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Lady interviewer:  In the.. in the country of India, I know that there is much talk of… the word ‘enlightenment’ is used in a way that perhaps we of this world don’t fully understand. […]

Love is the Solution Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program in Geneva (Switzerland), 25 August 1982.

Shri Mataji: When the Spirit manifests within us, then this joy becomes active within us. First of all, our maladies disappear. Because our Spirit is the source of the white cells. Or we can say, is the connection between human attention and the Divine Power. When the connection is loose, the vibrations become a little difficult – sometimes they appear, they disappear – till the person establishes himself.  […]

When Christ Will Come (Follow-up) Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 3 follow up

Shri Mataji: I am told that some of you have come for the first time for the program here. Now, for the people who have come here for the first time, they have to first get their Realisation. That is very important. Now, today I am feeling the atmosphere, today, I think some of you have come from places, who have been to people who are doing black magic maybe or some sort of a thing like that, […]

When Christ Will Come Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 2,  “When Christ Will Come”, Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland), 24 August 1982

Again, I bow today to the seekers of truth. From the very beginning, I have to say, that I would like to address to all those who are really seeking the truth. I am not going just to read something to you and give My own interpretation about it. All of you have got sufficient intelligence to read any book you like and to have your own interpretation. […]

The function of the liver Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program, Day 2 (morning) , Geneva, Switzerland, 24-08-1982

So today we have to find out people who came yesterday and felt the cool breeze. New people who came yesterday and felt the cool breeze, please raise your hands. Now all the others, inclusive of you, please put your hands again [UNCLEAR]. Now also see, looking at Me, if you can become thoughtless. If not, you have to say – Mother, I forgive everyone – that’s [UNCLEAR]. […]

Lunch and Public Program Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 1. Temple Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland), 23 August 1982.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. It is such a great fortune that I should be given this opportunity to face so many seekers of truth in this international city of Geneva. There has been never such times, such great times, where you have seekers who were just trying to find out the truth, the self-knowledge, the Spirit, and were not satisfied with anything else. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: On Investments House of Matthias, Geneva (Switzerland)

Conversation at Matthias’ apartment, Geneva, 1982-08-21

Shri Mataji: Very powerful, But for this incident and this church? I would have never said all this. I can’t benefit. But it cannot have a…vibrations. [unsure]Sahaja Yogi: It’s so powerful! [Laughter]Gregoire: Magda told me that she heard somebody going out saying, “I admire this person for the courage with which She is speaking.” That to speak like that about Swiss bank in the country of Europe.[Laughter] [Applause]Shri Mataji: In India all the ministers, […]

The Last Judgment has started Geneva (Switzerland)

1980-10-02 Public Program 1 in Geneva

[French]Sahaja Yogi: Mother I would not try to talk to You. May I ask You…

Shri Mataji: They were very interested in your talk, [you know] [unclear].

Sahaja Yogi: I think I’ll carry on with translating.

Shri Mataji: He spoke very well because you were so much interested; I could see that.

Sahaja Yogi: I’m not translating this.

Shri Mataji: And you could see from his heart, he feels so much for Switzerland…


Shri Mataji: I would say he is a real Swiss. […]

Pure Intelligence Geneva (Switzerland)

Pure Intelligence, Public Program, 1980-04-29, Genève, Switzerland

“(…) Even by blindly accepting it you have not been able to solve your problems. If we could put our attention to this question that there must be some meaning to us and that there must be some arrangement within us to manifest that meaning: you are with Me. It is very easy to deny and defy everything intellectually and intelligence gives you a capacity to cheat yourself all the time. […]