Translation of Songs Givrins (Switzerland)

1990-09-23 Translation of Songs, Givrins (Switzerland)

May God bless you!“Tujhaa punji “You sing so well without knowing the meaning. It’s rather embarrassing but I would say. In your ….you should get completely engrossed in your puja and in your worship. And Oh Nirmala! We should always remember your name, this is the main thing.“Tujha Pujni” is –in your puja in your worship we should get “leen vhavey” means we should get completely engrossed…“Tujhya darshanala amhi roj yave“ -We should come for your “darshan” […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis on Children Givrins Ashram, Givrins (Switzerland)

Talk Arzier, Talk on Children at Girvins Ashram (Switzerland), 21 September 1990.
And so there are many hunters who are trying to find out this castori, this musk, and they are looking they are looking for the deer. So please keep your deer, that is the innocence, you see.
The children’s innocence is now attacked, under attack, and there is such an attack coming on innocence that you have to care, be careful about your own children. […]

Musical Evening Givrins Ashram, Givrins (Switzerland)

1988-0813 Musical Evening, Givrins Ashram, Switzerland

I was just telling him that you have created the great [ Ghot Indian word?] of the Adi Shakti here.And all the great minstrels of God called as Gandharvas and Yakshas and all of them are here. I wish you could take a photograph. I can see all of them in the sky feeling that “look at these great musicians”. I think they are a little jealous also. […]