Kundalini – germinating force within Zurich (Switzerland)

Public Program (with German translation). Zürich (Switzerland), 21 August 1981.

Shri Mataji: First of all, I must really apologise for being so late. There was some confusion about time so please forgive Me. I am really encouraged to see that there are seekers in this country and they are trying to seek something beyond. I could not think of any country where there could not be seekers.  Because when [UNCLEAR], I am sure any intelligent man who thinks must be wondering, […]

Shri Ganesha Puja: Innocence within us must be first of all invoked Zurich (Switzerland)

Shri Ganesha Puja. Zurich (Switzerland), 12 October 1980.

You have to see that all the negativity goes away, around us, around the universe. So first we sing the praise of the Goddess; when She destroyed a very negative, satanic incarnation of Mahishasura. And when he was killed, all the gods praised Her for saving them from the destruction, and that happened long, long time back – about ten thousand years back. So this is the praise of the Gods of that so that, […]

What is the technique of a flower becoming a fruit? Zurich (Switzerland)

Public Program in Zurich (Switzerland), 10 October 1980.

…and it is such a living process that [missing part]. [I tell you] there’s no technique. That means you cannot follow any technique. What is the technique of a flower becoming a fruit? When I see people standing on their heads or jumping or doing all kinds of things to seek God, I really think they are still very children, small children. They are still very naive. They should know that if we have become a human being from amoeba without doing anything, […]

Within yourself there is a seeking of the beyond Zurich (Switzerland)

Public Program in Zurich (Switzerland), 29 September 1980.


Gregoire: I would like to introduce very quickly Sahajayoga and Mataji. It is beautiful thing to do, it is not an easy one to introduce Sahajayoga. It is not an easy one because there are many, many propositions in the sale of spirituality, which are running in the market, hence Switzerland is a very unfortunate country, very unfortunate, because Switzerland is rich country. Being a rich country all the people who have been attracted by money had come down here. […]

Opening the heart Zurich (Switzerland)

Public programme Zurich 1.5.80 

Opening the heart.

Happy to see so many of you have been able to come to this programme of Sahaja Yoga. I am also very much thankful to Kalbermatten family, especially Gregoire and his brother, particularly Arneau who insisted that I must come to Zurich and talk about Sahaja Yoga.

We are really blessed by nature today. I went and saw your beautiful lake and the beautiful scenes in the sunshine, the way everybody was bathing and enjoying. […]

The Blossom Time Zurich (Switzerland)

Public Program (German translation). Zurich (Switzerland), 30 April 1980.

I’m grateful to this gentleman who is standing before you, Mr Arneau, to organise this program, especially in Zurich. It was so remarkable to find out that the five main cities of Switzerland have got five very great Sahaja Yogis (Laughter) and they have asked me to come to Switzerland and this is the first time I’m in this country for this work.

While all the other fake ones have been here to settle their bank accounts before Me (Laughing) but I have come in this country to find out which are the banks of spirituality, […]