How to Talk to New Comers Bangkok (Thailand)

Advises on how to talk to new comers. Bangkok (Thailand), 16 March 1995.

Shri Mataji: Can I have my spectacles?
Laurence: Yes
Shri Mataji: Please be seated, please.
Come here in the front. Why don’t you come here?
Sahaja Yogi: [about the mike]
Shri Mataji: [Unclear]
I’ll have some tea?
Laurence: Yes
Shri Mataji: [Unclear]

Now, we had lots of people, I should say for the program. By the time I started the program, there were many people. […]

Public Program Bangkok (Thailand)


I’m sorry for being late but there was some sort of flooding and the whole road was closed! I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
At the very outset, we have to know that the Truth is what it is. You cannot conceptualize it, you cannot organize it; also you cannot feel it with your human awareness. You have to become a subtler being. The truth is that you are not this body, […]