Kundalini is Your Mother Sindhi Ceremonial Centre, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Public Program 2001-04-04

I bow to all the seekers of truth

There are people who are seeking the truth but may be they don’t know how to find it and we don’t know what is the truth is. There are two problems that we don’t know how to find the truth. Now already in our Shastras there everything Granth Sahib everywhere it is written that you have to receive your self knowledge- AtmAgnyan .You have to have knowledge about yourself but we think we have the knowledge. […]

Shri Ganesha Puja and Informal Talk Golden Sands, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Transcribe the talk 2000-04-20 Ganesha Puja and Informal Talk, Dubai, DP-Raw, 26’

All the stars are aligned, and they are all talking about you, so we thought we will have Puja on the 5th and 6th, and 7th program. May God bless you.

Already in Russia, they have accepted us as a religion, recognised, that is a very big thing because all other religions are coefficient. I don’t know why they are kept in Sahaja Yoga, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 1998-04-16

Shri Mataji: They wanted me to go there but something was going wrong all the time. So I just couldn’t manage.

Sahajayogi:(In Hindi).Shall we do arti.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi.)Can do it afterwards.In the evening. Now I am going to be here with you all.

After seeing so many people you don’t know how overjoyed I am. Tremendous.

(In Hindi.) Have those things come?

Sahaja yogi: Yes. It has come. […]