Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Destiny is the glory of God Betty Hubble's House, Houston (United States)

Talk to New Sahaja Yogis, USA, Houston, 1986-0601

Sahaja Yogi: And the various movements that we do, what you do by knotting is to actually lock it in. This agitation (?) is to strengthen the meshing of your individual connection to the all-pervading Atma and the knot is symbolic of the final tying after that agitation, which you’ve done by the, by the twisting. Why we’re doing this is because we’re agitating the Kundalini and we continue that agitation, […]

How to enlighten energy centers? Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States)

Public programme, Unity Church. Houston (USA), 30 May 1986.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

One has to understand that truth is what it is, we cannot conceive it. We cannot organise it. We cannot order it. Only, as a scientific personality, we should have an open mind to see what it is. As we go to any university or any college, we try to find out what it is there, in the same way, […]

The True Desire Power Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, Houston (United States)

Houston Public Program Day 3, 1983.

Today’s the last day and I have to go to Los Angeles it was nice being in Worcester meeting people giving realization to some people and then now have to be I cannot be single we all have it you all have to get you have to know yourself you have to know your power within yourself you have to understand how to use that power and you have to immense speech this is what the room is difficult it’s far fish some people think some people discourage me very much like today, […]

TV Interview, Houston Live Houston (United States)

T.V. Interview with Shri Mataji. Houston(live) 22-091983

Interviewer:(music playing) Hi. (No sound ) with me today is Shri Mataji. She is considered to be a guru, a prophet, a faith healer and in India she is called a Saint. We will be right back to talk to her after this. Some music playing. (some advertisement) She is a guru and a lot of other things. Which of those do you consider yourself to be?

Shri Mataji: I would say I am just a Mother and mother can be anything isn’t it? […]

The Truth that we are seeking has to manifest in our consciousness Ramada Inn - Ramada Houston Intercontinental Airport South, Houston (United States)

1983-0921 Public Program Day 2, Ramada Inn Houston

Sahaja Yogi: …know that we understand our meaning. Is a tremendous seeking all over the world, especially here in North America, so strong. And of course lots of people are taking advantage of that, and exploited it for making money. The one thing that’s obvious is that none of the previous stages of our evolution we had to do any effort or pay any money. It’s just nature working out its process. […]

The tree of life resides within you Houston (United States)

1983-0920 Public Program, Day 1, Houston, USA

I bow to all the seekers of truth. What Dr. Brown has told you is true: that the time has come and that the nature itself gives you quite a lot of blessings to understand, that the time has come for you to be something more than what you are, a special blossom time where you find so many people in this world who are seeking the truth. Never in history you have so many people who are seeking the truth. […]

Guru Puja: this finger has to be strong Houston (United States)

Guru Puja, Houston (USA), September 20th,1983

[Shri Mataji talks aside to a Sahaja Yogi.] Shri Mataji: …Then you can say the 108 Names of Shri Vishnu, or Guru’s, have you got Guru’s names? Sahaja Yogi: Yes. It’s next door… Shri Mataji: Guru’s. For Vishuddhi, Guru’s names are better. It’s a good idea. All ten Guru’s names … So, all right.

So, today first we have Ganesha Puja because Ganesha is innocence and we have to establish Him in any place where we want to start a work or do anything about it. […]

The Spirit Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States)

Public program day 4, “The Spirit”. Houston (USA), 7 October 1981.

Shri Mataji: All right, start it.
[Warren Reeves gives an introduction of 8.5 minutes.]
Shri Mataji: Good evening.
Audience: Good evening.

Shri Mataji: Today is the last day, when I have to go. And you can understand a mother who has so many children, she has to go from one to another; she has the expectation to meet her children and she has the concern and the longing for whom she has so much love. […]

The New Age Has Started (From Krishna To Christ) Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States)

“The New Age Has Started”, Public Program day 3, Houston (USA), 6 October 1981.

Today is a sad day because such a great man like Sadat is dead. He is not great to me because he was a great politician or he was president, but he was a saint, he was a realized-soul, I knew all about him. The attack of the negativity is on but no more they will crucify a saint this way and will not face the punishment. […]

The Beauty that you are Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States)

Public Program Day 2: “The Beauty that you are”. Houston (USA), 5 October 1981.

Yesterday I told you that God has created us with a purpose and unless and until we find out our purpose, unless and until we find out our absolute, we are going to seek and we are not going to be happy. He has done everything, very beautifully.Now we should understand what are we really, inside. Moreover, as I explained to you yesterday, […]

Becoming the Truth Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States)

Public program Day 1. Houston (USA), 4 October 1981.
It is really very kind of you to have invited Me to this beautiful meeting of such seekers who look so truthful. When I read about Unity Church and what they were doing, I felt this is the place where it is going to trigger first, because here founder himself was a realized soul. He was a realized soul. But perhaps he did not realize that others were not realized up to his level and whatever he talked was the truth, […]