Public Program Day 3 Hollywood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles (United States)

Public Program. Los Angeles (USA), 27 September 1983.

Dr. Warren has already talked to you about the different centers that we have within ourselves, and you can see how beautifully they are placed and how gradually when the Kundalini rises, how She enlightens the innermost core of the centers. There are three channels in the central channel, and the innermost channel is used by Kundalini to pierce through for the first time. You can imagine Kundalini to be made of many strands of energy tied together just like a rope, […]

Public Program Day 2 Hollywood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles (United States)

Public Program Day 2

I bow all the seekers of spirit.

The seeking of spirit has been described by so many people from ancient times. It is nothing new that I’m telling you that a human awareness reaches a point where it starts seeing that there has to be something beyond and at that time the seeking starts. And the person starts looking forward to something that will make that person the spirit, as all this scriptures have described and talked about it. […]

Public Program Day 1 Hollywood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles (United States)

1983-0924 Public Program Day 1, LA

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Today they have decided that I should give you a general idea about Sahaja Yoga and after that on Monday and Tuesday I’ll speak to you about all the details of the mechanism. I have come to America to give you a great message of the salvation of human beings. Everybody is trying to frighten us that there is going to be a doomsday and we are all going to be doomed. […]