Talk to Sahaja Yogis, first response to falsehood Los Angeles Ashram, Los Angeles (United States)

Talk at Los Angeles Ashram. Los Angeles (USA), 3 December 2000.
I’ve been here for now quite some time, I think. And, I want to really tell you something important that Los Angeles is a very, very important area. And, compared to all other counties and states, Los Angeles has not taken such a big stride the way it started. And especially when I had a program here, very few people came in after that. What is the reason for that? […]

God can never make some people available to religion and others not Los Angeles Ashram, Los Angeles (United States)

1992-0915 Persian Public Program, Ashram, Los Angeles

I am very happy to see you all here. I went to Iran in the year 1971, and I was surprised that the people there were just prepared to get their realization; and at that time, you had this king ruling there. We had a program in some hall and many people got their realization. And after that, all these problems came in and I couldn’t keep contact with them at all; […]