Swadishthana chakra and what happens when you think too much? Miami (United States)

1990-06-04 Public Program 2 in Miami

[Introduction by Gregoire – Shri Mataji is an incarnation]


So, Shri Mataji, I don’t quite know what I did today, or this evening. And I don’t quite know whether they know what I did, but basically, I asked them to put their hands toward your picture and to ask, and we all asked aloud three times: Shri Mataji is this the wind of the Holy Spirit?  

And then, most of them, […]

How to get the connection with the Divine power Miami (United States)

Public Program Day 1. Miami (USA), 3 June 1990.

At the very outset, we have to know what we are seeking. We are seeking the truth. But what is the truth? The truth is that we are not this body, we are not these emotions, this intellect, this ego, these conditionings, but we are the Spirit, the Pure Spirit. This is one truth about ourselves.

The second one is that we are, can you hear Me there, […]