Shri Krishna Puja: You have to give, and give, and give Camp Vacamas NJ, New Jersey (United States)

Shri Krishna Puja, NJ (USA), 29 September 1996. Today we have decided to have Krishna Puja because America is the Krishna bhoomi. It’s very surprising that such a great incarnation of Shri Krishna came even much later than Rama and has sent His special people to live in America.Of course, there are many who are seeking in this country, no doubt. But there are many who are also misleading them. That’s how you find, despite all our effort, we have not been able to expand Sahaja Yoga very much. What one has to learn from His life is very very important. The first and foremost thing He taught was collectivity. He used to get hold of small boys and play with them together. Rama didn’t do that. He used to get hold of ladies who were selling milk and also butter, those who used to go to fill their waters – water in the pitcher. He is the one who collected all such people in the village of Gokul. He played all kinds of pranks on His friends and His mother and the mother’s friends. Behaved just like a very naughty child, just to show that He was just like all of us. As you know, He was the incarnation of Shri Vishnu. First Shri Rama was born, took incarnation as Shri Rama, which was in the Aryan race, means that time we had an Aryan race which was sort of superior, superior race than others. But when He came Read More …

Evening before Shri Krishna Puja Camp Vacamas NJ, New Jersey (United States)

Evening Dance Shri Mataji: “Wa wa wa”. “Now. (Hindi) We are all sitting like a family sitting together.There should be a show there, eh?…Done very well. They’re from Vienna? …A composition which you yourself have made it into dance – … wa wa. Bring her to Cabella” (Shri Mataji laughs).Yogi: Yes.Yogini: Yes, Shri Mataji.Shri Mataji: Wa wa wa. Such a dancer, she is a teacher also.I’ll take your leave, and I’ll try to come to tomorrow’s program also]