Public Program Day 2 School for the Humanities, New York City (United States)

1985-06-04 Public Program, Day 2, School For The Humanities, West 18th St., New York, USA
Yesterday I told you how self is more important than anything else at the present state of human awareness.  When you are at the human awareness first thing that should happen to you is to feel your self. As Shri Krishna has said, “Atmane atmane thushtaha.”  Unless and until you reach your atma, your spirit, you are not going to get the satisfaction of achieving anything. […]

Public Program Day 1 School for the Humanities, New York City (United States)

Public Program, 1985-06-03, New York City
I bow to all seekers of truth.  But when we are seeking the truth we have to understand that truth is to be known through our accent and through our awareness that is our central nervous system.  Not through mental projections.  For example what just now has been described to you is the knowledge of the roots.  The west has developed and developed because of extroversion like a tree. It has reached its climax now.   […]