Advice: Beware of the murmuring souls Armonk Ashram, North Castle (United States)

Advice at Armonk Ashram. New York (USA), 27 July 1988

So very nice to come and meet you all here! Very kind of you to have invited me to your ashram.

So you must have realised, from experience of these two days’ programmes that we had [that], though it looks formidable in the beginning, it’s not so difficult to achieve results and to get people Realised.

I find all of you have been very sensible and you worked it out very well. […]

Conversation about Chastity Armonk Ashram, North Castle (United States)

Excerpt from conversation at New York Ashram. New York (USA), 9 September 1986.
One thing is Mooladhara is good. Indians have one advantage; they have a good Mooladhara, you see. Eyes are good. That’s what Salim [?] was telling me that they do everything that [sounds like: Sagaricles] are doing are doing but not chastity. That part they don’t compromise. Naturally, the attention is good.
Once you know the Mooladhara is so important for everything, even for material gain, […]

Moments with Mataji Armonk Ashram, North Castle (United States)

Moments with Mataji

Because you people take more showers not baths I have seen, isn’t it.

Can I keep this photographs, is it all right? You better keep it, you’ll send me some more. But I think he was very shaky He was passing trough a One has to steady down now you see he has seen so many miracles still he worries. I don’t know what to say. He has called me this time now …[inaudible: Vegwati] Because he says that I am doing everything very fast So many miracles, […]