Shri Vishnumaya Puja: She has created a big maya YWCA Camp, Pawling (United States)

Shri Vishnumaya Puja, New York (USA), 9 August 1987.

Today we have assembled here to do the puja of Vishnumaya.

Vishnumaya is created through human effort, also. As you see the clouds, when they rub against each other, then the electricity is created. So first the clouds have to be created. The sun acts on the sea. See how many chakras come into play! Sea is the Void, and the sun acts on the sea. Also the moon acts on the sea. […]

Talk, Eve of Shri Vishnumaya Puja YWCA Camp, Pawling (United States)

Day before Shri Vishnumaya Puja. New York (USA), 8 August 1987.

It’s very gratifying to see so many of you Americans have gathered today, and tomorrow you want to have the Vishnumaya Puja. I remember the days when I used to talk to chairs only, but all these years after working so very hard, visiting this country so many times, still we have very, very few Sahaja Yogis compared to any other nation.

In this country of Shri Krishna, […]

One Has To Work Hard For Ones Own Country YWCA Camp, Pawling (United States)

1987-08-07 One Has To Work Hard For Ones Own Country

Nirmala Vidya – 1987-0807 1: Informal Talk – Canada, San Francisco, America, Improve YourselfShri Mataji:I just don’t understand if you own the house (you are the owner of the house) how could they [unclear]…I just don’t understand!Of the 2 children, where are they gone?Just have it …Are you alright?(Sahaja yogini shares some problem with mother)Shri Mataji: You being to some guru or somewhat?Sahaja yogini: No mother my husband has start Sahaja YogaShri Mataji: I see! […]

Conversation during Indian music recital YWCA Camp, Pawling (United States)

Conversation during an Indian music recital, “find the lost American seekers”, 1987-08-06

I am really overwhelmed, really overwhelmed by your love and devotion.May God bless you.

You don’t know how happy I feel to be with you here. And I have been rather very upset about the future of America, the way things are moving. I’ve been thinking what should we do? Should we take all the Sahaja Yogis from here to India and settle there?


Or bring more Sahaja Yogis from abroad to strengthen you here? […]